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Thread: Outdoor Game- Ticket Prices

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    Pats have D Man exchange in works with team in conference.

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    Libor Hajek it is. Libor is a stud, was unquestionably the Czechs best defenceman at this most recent World Junior Hockey Championship however this entire trade is necessitated by Paddock's import draft mistake. How was an actual top tier European not recruited in a Memorial Cup year at the Import Draft? Unforgivable from the Pats administration, and now we've likely hindered our chances of adding more elite talent due to John's lack of preparation in June at the draft. I like Hajek, however shouldn't of been needed.

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    I said it on the other page, but this one is easier for discussion...

    You know they drafted 60th and 120th right? Look at who was drafted in that range and please tell me which "elite" guys were available? Did you contact scouts and do research to know guys were available and willing to come to north america? If so, you should work in the industry.

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    Random thought today.....had the trades happened before they yanked the outdoor game. Would more tickets have sold? The lineups that Regina and MJ are icing are completely ridiculous in terms of interest. For me, I am glad we get to see it indoors on a good ice surface and good conditions. Should be a heck of a stretch with 4 games in 10 days against each other.

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    I admit this might be piling on......On the way to the Celebrity Classic today, I was thinking about the fact that the game was originally supposed to be outdoors. The weather today would have been cold but bearable. About 5 minutes into the game today, I found myself thinking.....good thing this was inside. The Pats charged $25 per ticket today, the only value today was seeing a variety of former NHLers for a couple minutes. The game may not have been worth the ticket price. It was fine, it just isn't something I would do again. Had the game been outdoors, I likely would have left earlier.....I considered it today anyways. So if the value of the ticket today was acceptable, then the ticket package price for the weekend would have put a value of $150 minimum on the WHL game. No wonder people didnt buy tickets.....I am hoping for a speedy contest inside tomorrow.

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