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Thread: How long is Howden out for?

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    Default How long is Howden out for?

    I am hearing a broken collarbone which would really suck. He was playing great a now will miss the Word Junior with he was so excited about. Bad luck on a cheap hit by the Russian

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    Maybe its time to scrap the Canada-Russia series as it has run its course. Losing a top end player like Howden in a meaningless game really makes me wonder where Hockey Canada's head is---I think it's up their ---. There must be a better way to identify which players are possible World Junior candidates. Why risk a very good team's top end player to injury in this series which has lost its appeal to fans.(empty seats in MJ)

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    One of the columnists had a good idea to scrap it an bring the all star game back then it could also go to the states

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    Thought Howden was out day to day? Also hearing the Warriors and Pats were working on seperate blockbuster trades. If we lost both Woo and Benson and Howden up front I could see Mj trading for a dman and forward.

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    Got any idea on who they may be going after? As they sit right now, they are missing four defensemen and Howden going into Swift Current. I can't see us doing to well if we play with a bunch of ap defensemen against the top line in the WHL.

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    Not hearing names that would be involved, but if these injuries are long term, there would be some merit to these rumours.

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    Boom, Pats make the first move! Miller, you are up!!lol

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    Time for MJ to go after Clague. Make it happen.

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    I would love to see that happen, but I would be surprised to see Brandon trade Clague

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudsy14 View Post
    I would love to see that happen, but I would be surprised to see Brandon trade Clague
    Why? Spice up the offer enough and I' m sure the WK would trade him.

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