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Thread: Cale Fleury in... Smart, Muir and a 2nd out

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    Default Viveros scouting Kelowna/Lethbridge Interesting

    With a coffee in hand I started surfing some of my regular sites and went over to the white board that I check from time to time. I have never posted but occasionally there are some decent reads. According to one poster Viveros was in to watch the game between Kelowna and Lethbridge. I thinking that after that 7-4 loss to MJ Viveros seen he was needing some depth, and has begun his proactive quest to address to that end. There has been some speculation as to whether or not Swift Current might go "all in" or not, considering the price it will cost and needing to stay competitive in a smaller market. He may be answering that speculative question.

    The read suggested that Estephan/perhaps Skinner(not mentioned)?? out of Lethbridge may be in play. Then there was Cole Lind et al heading to Swift Current being he is from down there. Yet another thought was that Kelowna wants Flodell which would likely mean that Twarnyski (OA) would he heading east. Hamilton likes tough defence and goaltending. No matter what, Twarnyski would be a good get. He is a playoff performer. Of course in order to pry Lind away from Kelowna will be obscenely expensive. Swift would have to part with at least one or two top young guys. Barlage might be in that conversation and perhaps King and/or Stotts. It wont be cheap. Any deal involving Flodell would require Viveros to land a top drawer goalie, and there are only a few in that group. I think this shows that Swift Current doesn't plan to sit back.

    Moose Jaw will be working the wires as well. They are very deep group with no obvious weaknesses. One would only expect them to tweak or fine tune their lineup. They planned for this year by making bold moves last season i.e. moving Popegaov etc. They will return Howden, Brook, and Zaitsov for injury soon. They will be deep everywhere and you need to be careful about tinkering with chemistry and cohesiveness they. They look like adding fine tuning or depth, but you never know if the right trade is on the table they may go big as well.

    Being hosts to the 100th Anniversary Memorial Cup is an honour and requires the Pats to improve their lineup, and they will. At this juncture there should be primarily four teams slugging it out (no disrespect to PA). In the end there can only be one team come out. At this point there are no guarantees or even real front runners. Long runs will cause injury, fatigue, and take a big toll. All it takes is that any team have a huge injury for even one series and everything can change. One need only look at the pats and how taxed they were after Brooks went down twice in the playoffs. The Pats won't be the only teams evidently having to give up lots to come and play. Yet the Pats will be in the tournament and if they can be healthy and motivated, anything can happen.
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