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Thread: Should Millar go all in

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    Default Should Millar go all in

    looking at how the team is doing and the Memorial Cup in Regina should we spend assets to try and win. All in means looking at Hart Bean Clauge and another top forward malenstyn cal pilon kam and if you want more toughness on d theres vala kam means moving zaitsev. adding hart and bean or clauge may cost a few years of suffering lol. I would look at bean +malenstyn and vala adds a 30 goal guy a top dman and a tough dman willms should be good enough if you add some experience on the d

    jeannott 20 aleimeda 18 burke 20
    gregor 19 howden 19 halgewachs 20
    _______19 sheen 19 burzan 18 ? (malenstyn pilon others )
    deroose18 langdon 18 kaluski 18
    klatt 19 popple 17 smithies 18 wood 17 klatt and deroose are interchangeable the others may be trade material


    brooke 18 bean/clauge 19
    woo 17 sosunov 19
    hartje 18 zaitsev ( vala)
    paradise 19
    benson kwiatkowski again trade material

    Willms 19 (hart 19)
    evenoff 17

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    This is the year to go all in. I could see a trade with Kamloops getting Pilon and upgrading Zaitsev. Depending how long our dman are out will determine if we go after a Clague or Bean. Also could see a trade for Benson. Hart might be a surprise acquisition to prevent another team getting him but also giving us the #1 goalie in the league

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