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Thread: Power rank the 5 Sask teams as of Feb 22nd!

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    Default Power rank the 5 Sask teams as of Feb 22nd!

    Would like to hear everyones opinion on where the teams sit as of today.

    My unbiased rankings are:

    1. Swift Current Broncos
    2. Regina Pats
    3. MJ Warriors
    4. PA Raiders
    5. Saskatoon Blades

    Going into playoffs I think SC is going to be the team to beat. They have 3 solid lines, and the best D and tending in the East IMO.

    I think the Pats showed they are stronger and deeper then MJ during the last 3 games. Give the nod to MJ in tending, but Regina has more depth 1 through 3 lines and the edge on D. Feels like the Pats are finally coming together as a team since the trade deadline. This Alberta road trip couldn't come at a better time...give the team a chance to really gel before the playoff push.

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    I cant say that I agree with much of your written argument to defend your rankings........
    a) Goaltending- I agree that Skinner is likely the top goalie in the east when it comes to playoffs. He also has playoff experience the last two years. MJ and Regina goaltending is a toss up. I am hoping they run with Paddock in net, but I know Kubic will get the chance once he is healthy. Saskatoon has also been receiving very good goaltending from Maier.
    b)Forwards- MJ has by far the most speed and skill of the three teams at the top. Howden hasn't looked the same recently, but Jeannot is picking up the slack plus more. I agree that Swift and Regina have better 3rd lines than MJ, but I give the edge up front to MJ.

    My East Rankings
    1) MJ
    2) Swift
    3) Regina
    4) Saskatoon (by a mile over PA)
    5) PA
    c) Defence- I actually think that Swift has the worst of the three d-cores. I would give Regina the edge. While the Pats have been inconsistent since the deadline, their defence has been a strength most nights. I have really enjoyed seeing Schuldhaus play since coming to MJ, the guy is everything you want in a playoff dman.

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    Each Team very close parity. The key is who can compete best in best of 7 series.
    No pressure on Pats as host of mem cup.
    I believe all playoff 1st round are extremely tough.
    Swift may have the best home advantage with there ****ty rink!

    Moose Jaw has worst fans in league can't even fill rink with dynamite team.

    Pats in mem cup so number 1!

    If Moose Jaw looses Halbgewachs there done!
    Hard to believe idiots in Kamploops give him away.

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    It's very difficult to rank or handicap the East Division since there is no standard criteria that can be applied to all teams. It often boils down to personal opinion and individual filters.
    Right now on any given night any team can beat any other team. Saskatoon has had some success with SC and MJ, and a lot against the Pats. PA has beat a lot of good teams yet struggles to find a way to beat the Pats. Brandon has slipped but are capable.
    On many occasions teams that have finished 1st have been eliminated in the first round. Some lower placed team suddenly smells blood and turn into sharks. I remember a number of years back PG team came out of nowhere and went to the West finals.
    A team heading on the upswing could be hard to handle. Injuries play a big part in any teams plans as the Pats know all too sell. Some goalie will get red hot while another might go stone cold. Some guys rise to the challenge and others run from it.
    Obviously MJ and SC based on their records have to be favourites. Regina, Brandon, Saskatoon and PA are still in a dogfight for the final spots and brackets. ANYTHING can still happen.

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