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    Nice to see Regina completely destroy that powerhouse PA. Looks like those trades have made Regina a very suitable host.
    Yup. Especially after P.A. beat Moose Jaw last time out. Sloppy tonight but it's definitely all coming together and will only get better as they gel. Now 8-1-1 L10

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    Hajek had been away so he is just getting back into the swing of things. He will be better as will everyone.
    PA plays everyone tough at home and tonight was no exception. They don't ask how, just how many!
    Kubic has done what was needed and does appear that the guys feed off of his work ethic.
    The may be some different pairings on D and to some extent on forward combos as well. I do think Mahura and Fleury are a pair that works extra well together likely because of the additional time together since the Fleury trade.
    The team is finding it's way and hopefully hit their stride just as playoffs start. That's what it's really about and the only part of the season that really excites and counts IMO.

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    Default GM, Coaches all extended - Multi Year

    The GM and Coaches for the Pats have all been extended for multi-years. Congratulations to all these people.
    There was no mention of the ongoing configuration. Will John continue on as HC or will he stop riding the bone shaker and just concentrate on his GM's duties.
    One would think at some point Struch will want to advance his position. The more success the organization has, the more opportunities open up for personnel from that team.
    It's good to have stability and competence in play going forward.

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    I was thinking JP was gonna hand the reigns over to Struch after this centennial season. It would be ideal situation. Struch can focus on the team rebuild and this team being his and John can focus full time on getting some assets back and drafts picks.

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