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    IMO the Pats weren't even close to being as good as last weekend and it was still a 3-2 game. They had a couple outnumbered chances in the first but squandered them with poor execution. Another play the puck got by Wihlms and laid in the crease , and if only someone had gone to the net. Max didn't give us what we needed and particularly so when we know these games are going to be close. The first goal between the wickets. The discipline was pretty good but Fleury's penalty was untimely. Sheen took a dumb one but we didn't capitalize and played on the perimeter. That was big issue last night as it seemed nobody really wanted to be physical as it's hard work, or pay the price to go to the tough areas. The Pats will need to clean that up since we have to be a real hard team to play against every night. Last night we were not.

    I agree the refs leave a lot to be desired. They seem to think they have a right to allow some players to be deliberately hurt and others are protected to the nth degree. When a player leaves his feet for a hit and it's not called they are allowing something that could cause a player to be seriously injured. I saw this uncalled many times last year by Wong against Pats players. Peace officers and firefighters are there to protect everyone and not just some even if they don't like them. A lot of the referees in this league have a very poor moral compass. I have seen it for years and it continues. I have friends that are now, and others who have been linesman in the WHL. Suffice to say the old boys network is in play and integrity is not a highly valued commodity. Poor performance is rewarded. Gabrielle may in some part be the cause of his own victimization, however there are so many serious infractions against him that are not called that one can understand his frustrations. It puts a spotlight on the referees lack of integrity. This is where John Paddock in all this? He should be calling them out in conversations with Robison. Maybe voice their thoughts as to who should or shouldn't be in the Memorial Cup.

    Hunter has a big mouth and he may be writing cheques his mouth can't cash. It was win and that's all. If he thinks it was a statement win, his head is clearly up his donkey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopper View Post

    Hunter has a big mouth and he may be writing cheques his mouth can't cash. It was win and that's all. If he thinks it was a statement win, his head is clearly up his donkey!
    Hunterís comments reeked of desperation. A statement game is winning 4-0 and dominating the game against an opponent that is 20 points behind you in the standings. Not squeezing out a 3-2 win. Letís face it, MJ was 1-3 with a 3 game losing streak against teams that they will need to go through in the playoffs.

    In reality this win just stopped the bleeding and put some belief back in the boys and gave the Pats with some bulletin board material.

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    I imagine the pats are hoping SC catch MJ for first so the Pats can play MJ in the first round
    One issue I see for the Pats that they didn't address this season is goaltending. My team has seen the trouble twice lately when going to Mem Cup without a top goalie!
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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