I had the "feeling" that the Warriors/Broncos/Pats were all fairly equal in the top 6 forwards and top 3 dmen on each team when it comes to firepower. It is impossible to compare the teams fairly. Some players are newly acquired, have played different roles on different teams all year. For example, would guys like Estephan or Hebig get the same opportunities for ice or PP time that they did on their former teams? With players missing for injuries or world juniors, comparing on points wouldn't make sense either. I decided to look at Points per Game stats......not perfect, but see below.

Forwards- Burke 2.02 Halbgewachs 1.91 Howden 1.71 Almeida 1.43 Jeannot 1.39 Peckford 0.87
Defence- Clague 1.66 Brook 0.94 Woo 0.81

Forwards- Heponiemie 2,45 Steenbergen 2.21 Gawdin 1.86 Estephan 1.45 Gennaro 1.35 Minulin 0.66
Defence- Sissons 1.05 Minulin 0.66 Khaira 0.56

Forwards- Hebig 1.44, Steel 1.29, Bradley 1.13, Legian 0.91, Oksanen 0.86 Henry 0.73 (Gabrielle is obviously top 6 but not enough stats yet)
Defence- Mahura 1.09 Hajek 0.74 Fleury 0.73

After looking at the stats, my thoughts:
a) You can see why MJ has been winning all year, other than Clague and Peckfort, the others have been part of the team all year. They are having a monster year and have depth.
b) Swift Currrent made depth moves for a reason, they added forwards because it was really only one line producing. Everyone on this board has been saying that, but its proof.
c) Shows why the Pats basically overhauled their whole roster. The top guys were facing the top defenders every night. Many of them have decreased production from last year so adding guys like Hebig, Legian, Gabrielle, Hajek, and Fleury were no brainers to kick start things.

Everything still points to MJ being the cream of the crop, but Swift has closed ground.