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    I'm looking forward to Brown vs Kubic matchup!
    If Kubic was hurt call it what you want. Even more riskier trade lol.
    We play oid time oiler hockey as long as we win who cares! I want to see some scoring!
    Fleury needs to shoot more!

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    I mean a forward playing defence in the defensive zone the way a defenceman plays it, or on an odd man rush. And you obviously haven't been watching mahura in the defensive zone at all this year.

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    Flyer- Welcome to the board. It is always nice to have new posters too the board. Especially ones that have good insight.

    All the complainers about Mahura absolutely blow my mind. Before and after Christmas, the Pats relied on Mahura for his offence. With Steel away, there were nights that if offence didn't come from Bradley and Mahura, it didn't happen. Sure he had to take more chances, that obviously leads to more breakdowns. The chances that Mahura allowed from jumping into the play were not equivalent to the turnovers made my 4th liners that were forced into heavy minutes. Paddock talked about Mahura looking good with team Canada since he simplified the game 5 on 5. With the added offence at the deadline, Mahura should be able to simplify things. The Edmonton game wasn't a great one for him but he has been the best player on the ice several times in the last month.

    Why do we seem to have to have a player that takes the blame? I had not heard one Mahura complaint until Brown leaves we have several people on this board complaining about Mahura. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to tonights game with almost a full lineup (Oksanen, Hajek--out). Free Mr. Mikes are in my future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyrowe88 View Post

    I mean a forward playing defence in the defensive zone the way a defenceman plays it, or on an odd man rush. And you obviously haven't been watching mahura in the defensive zone at all this year.

    I guess i will include myself in the uneducated crowd. At least that crowd knows a player when they see one!

    Muhura is +21 which is #11 in the league for D-men! Considering he's played on a: low scoring team+suspect goaltending+missing our best forward a month, yet through all of that he's a PLUS 21. That only includes even strength and shorthanded. No PP.

    Argue any way you choose but he's been our best D-man hands down. Hockey Canada seen that and anyone uneducated or not should be able to. Where would we be without him? Criticizing him for defensive play doesn't hold water. It's just plain foolish!

    When you make statements like that back it up with fact, not misguided perceptions in your mind. Troll somewhere else..

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    Tonights Thoughts
    1) Hebig has a sick set of hands.....will be even better once he finds some chemistry.
    2) Kubic was spectacular, kicks out a tons of rebounds but they seem to be steered to the corner for the most part. I am not sold long term, but tonight shows that he is very capable when on his game.
    3) Sloppy play for the most part, should take a bit to find chemistry.
    4) Sidaway has to get goal #1 soon, has had many good chances of late.
    5) Fleury was the best dman tonight, really solid both offensively and defensively.
    6) Swift and MJ put on impressive games tonight, good to see Brandon win.....I want everything to do with the Central.

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    Pats win 3-1 at home to the Medicine Hat Tigers. Hajek, Oksanen, Mahovlich, Nijhoff, Harkins and Paddock were all scratched. Ryan Kubic was definitely the best player on the ice for the Pats and was well deserving of the first star. I don't think he's let in a single softy in the two games he's played for the Pats and in the two games as a Pat, he holds a 2.47 GAA and 9.38 SAV%. He's quick in his crease, which makes him fun to watch. Hopefully he can keep it going.

    The Pats look like they have a team. I liked the look of the team from top to bottom tonight. A couple of players need to work on their conditioning and obviously team chemistry needs work. They will need to play much better as a team and play a full 60 minutes in the future, but the raw talent looks good. Cameron Hebig is a player I wanted the Pats to acquire and he definitely comes as advertised. He fly's through the neutral zone with the puck and if he gets a good scoring chance, there's a good chance that he's going to capitalize on it, which he did tonight. There seems to be a few fans that think the Pats over paid for Cale Fleury, but I think he's worth everything the Pats paid and then some. He's a rock on defense.

    Center depth. I know the Pats made a lot of trades, so the team has a lot of depth in gerneal, but this team is stacked at center. Steel, Hebig, Bradley, Leschyshyn, Morrisseau, Nijhoff, Pratt can apparently play center and lets not forget Wyatt Sloboshan, who the Pats did not trade at the deadline. I know he's not on the team anymore as he is playing with the Penticton Vees of the BCHL , but I am assuming that if one of the Pats' 20 year old players gets injured that the Pats will be able to call him back up as long as he is on the Pats' protected list or am I wrong on that? Either way, Paddock made sure that the team had plenty of depth at center this year.

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    I posted this on the Whiteboard, but figured I might get some additional thoughts here.

    Current Standings
    MJ- 44 GP, 73 PTS, 28 Remaining---- 5vs Regina, 2 vs SC, 4 vs Brandon
    SC-43 GP, 63 PTS, 29 Remaining---- 2 vs MJ, 3 vs Regina, 4 vs Brandon, +US Road Trip
    BD-42 GP, 58 PTS, 30 Remaining---- 4 vs MJ, 4 vs SC, 1 vs Regina, +US Road Trip
    RE- 45 GP, 48 PTS, 27 Remaining---- 5 vs MJ, 3 vs SC, 1 vs Regina
    SA- 43 GP, 45 PTS, 29 Remaining---- 3 vs Regina, 2 vs MJ, 3 vs Brandon, 1 vs SC, 4 vs PA
    PA-42 GP, 38 PTS, 30 Remaining---- 3 vs MJ, 3 vs Regina, 3 vs SC, 2 vs Brandon, 4 vs Saskatoon

    1- MJ is finishing first, SC has a difficult US Road trip and not enough games head to head against MJ to catch them. MJ would have to slip up and I just dont see it.
    2- SC is finishing second, Brandon just sold at the deadline.....that is all the analysis that is needed.
    3- Saskatoon/PA arent catching Regina or Brandon. Brandon is too far up and Regina made too many upgrades at the deadline.

    Interesting Races
    1- The Race for 3rd or in my opinion, the benefit of finishing fourth and crossing over to the Central for playoffs thus avoiding Swift and MJ for a few rounds. Before looking at the remaining schedules, I thought it was realistic that the Pats (buyers) could catch the Wheaties (sellers) after the deadline. They both have the same amount of games against the two big brothers of the east, but Brandon has the US road trip that makes their schedule slightly tougher. However when you start to look at things with the schedule, you start to realize that Regina will actually have a tough time catching Brandon. So hypothetically:
    a) Regina has 8 games against MJ/SC, lets say after upgrading they are on an even playing field with those two teams and go 4-4 in those 8 games. They would have to go 16-3 (likely unrealistic) against the rest of the league to get to 88 points. I have not included OT or Shootout losses but you get the gist of it......the Pats have to go on quite a run to get to 88 points.
    b) Brandon would have to go 15-15 to get to 88 points without considering loser points. Even with the trades of Kaspick and Clague, I think Brandon is better than most teams in the Central and the weaker teams in the East. They should be able to go .500 the rest of the way.

    2- The battle for the last playoff spot. Since Saskatoon has less games against the top teams. PA will have to take care of business in the head to head games against Saskatoon to have a chance to catch them. With Maier playing well for the Blades, and them adding a veteran with experience in Brown......I like Saskatoon over PA.

    Thoughts? Different opinions?

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    That's a pretty good analysis Pats7 and it will likely end up pretty close to that. The other keys points to consider are: 1) Brandon has three games in hand over the Pats some even if they got 3 of those 6 points they have a leg up on third spot. Had they played those three games to date, they would be 13-16 points over the Pats. Considering the teams and games left it's almost an impossibility. The Pats only have 27 games left! 2) Brandon still has a formidable squad with good goaltending and they are very tough at home. 3) the loser point makes it exceedingly tough for any teams to overcome a 10-16 point deficit, thus it's hard to close the gap much. Barring a Brandon implosion they will finish third.

    The biggest issue of any is the Pats themselves. We all agree they have a lot of real good players, but do they have a real good "team" yet? I truly believe it could take perhaps up to 20 games before the Pats really hit their stride. With all the new guys it takes time to familiarize yourself to the area your living in, the billets, the new team mates from the Pats and the other guys from other teams, playing style, coaching staff, and on ice chemistry. It's not uncommon to see a new player take a few weeks to find his way. Now multiply that by 9 or so. It's almost like starting the season from the beginning. I think we will be in a battle for a while with the Blades for the 1st wildcard but should pull away as the team gets better aligned and together.

    If the Pats can find their game and climb the winning % to say .600 or slightly better, I think we would call that a win. Winning the 1st wildcard spot and being over .600 would be a reasonable feat. Going into the last 10 games playing very well and into the playoffs from there is essential. Crossing over to the Central Division is no guarantee of success no doubt. However it's preferential to going through both MJ and SC to get to the conference final.

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    Allot of homers on this board and that's good it's a Pats board I however am massively disappointed with Paddocks trade deadlines both this year and last. He made the right style of trades but wrong players
    Skinner was according to all "superb" in his debut shutout game. That's the player we needed, if you were going to give away all your 1-3 round picks till 2021 you should have got the top guy.
    We didn't add any real talent just upgraded over the dumpster fire group Paddock started with .
    Let's see how excited everyone is after we play Moose Jaw 4 times in a couple weeks. These last couple games are meaningless Paddock totally completly blew it

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    I think everyone on here has worried about goaltending. Swift paid a huge price for Skinner and Estephan. In my opinion, the Pats got the more dynamic forward in Hebig. Even though it was a different deal, Hajek is also ELITE from Saskatoon. In the end, they upgraded their team big. I am interested to see how we measure up against MJ too......see my next post for some further analysis.

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