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    Quote Originally Posted by chopper View Post
    I agree the refs leave a lot to be desired. They seem to think they have a right to allow some players to be deliberately hurt and others are protected to the nth degree. When a player leaves his feet for a hit and it's not called they are allowing something that could cause a player to be seriously injured. I saw this uncalled many times last year by Wong against Pats players. Peace officers and firefighters are there to protect everyone and not just some even if they don't like them. A lot of the referees in this league have a very poor moral compass. I have seen it for years and it continues. I have friends that are now, and others who have been linesman in the WHL. Suffice to say the old boys network is in play and integrity is not a highly valued commodity. Poor performance is rewarded. Gabrielle may in some part be the cause of his own victimization, however there are so many serious infractions against him that are not called that one can understand his frustrations. It puts a spotlight on the referees lack of integrity. This is where John Paddock in all this? He should be calling them out in conversations with Robison. Maybe voice their thoughts as to who should or shouldn't be in the Memorial Cup.
    Well said Chopper! And where's big mouth Scruffy and the rest of the media in all of this? They are complicit, as WHL but-lickers. Officiating in the WHL has been circling the drain for a long time. Time to spotlight it and start fixing this problem before the lawsuit against CHL gets a bunch of concussion and other player safety claims added to the pile! Not like there isn't a mountain of video evidence against them

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    Default Pats go 7-1 on 8 game road swing

    I don't think anybody could have asked for more than what the Pats accomplished on their 8 games away from home ice. Living in a bus and hotel room isn't easy. They played pretty well but you could see fatigue creeping in. All in all real good effort. I hope the time away allowed them to bond and form some good chemistry. Like last night Gabrielle had a fight, goal, and two assists. A Gordie Howe hat trick +1. Max Paddock has evidently wrestled the starting job away from Kubic and done a great job. Right now he is the only starting goalie in the East division with a goals against under 3.00 with a save % over .900. He has played well.

    There are many good signs and one hopes they continue into the playoffs. Looking forward to seeing them Wednesday against PA. It will be a tough one with Prince Albert playing extremely well right now. This is the time of the year where you want the tough games to get you into playoff mode.

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    I agree, I think it was a successful road trip for the Pats. They won every game, except for that 3-2 loss in Moose Jaw, which doesn't mean a whole lot at the end of the day, given that the Pats proved they can beat Moose Jaw when they play their game for a full 60 minutes. Hopefully they built some team chemistry as that was one of the major concerns post-trade deadline. I think they did and they should be okay there.

    Max has been really good in goal for the Pats lately, especially considering it's his 17 year old year. After what Carl Stankowski did last year and what Dustin Wolf has accomplished this year, I"m not too concerned about the age of the goaltender as long as he can stop pucks and not let too many weak ones in. From what I understand, Ryan Kubic is getting close to returning and John Paddock will probably give him at least one start before the end of the season if he's healthy. It'll be interesting to see who starts in goal in the playoffs. Is Kubic the starter or did Paddock earn that role? I know if you ask John Paddock, he will state that the Pats are happy with either goaltender in net, but only one can play at a time.

    Speaking of goaltending, shutouts have eluded the Pats this year and I know it's not all on the goaltending as the Pats' defense has been less than perfect. The Pats have been shut out three times, but they have yet to earn a shut out of their own. Of course, I realize that this doesn't mean a whole lot at the end of the day. Winning games and winning Championships are what matter the most, but I was hoping to see each of the goaltenders earn a shut out for their sake more than anything. Not unlike hoping other players score hat tricks or something along those lines. I think those things can be good confidence builders. Not just individual confidence builders, but team confidence builders as well.

    As for the last three regular season games, on one hand they don't mean a whole lot as the Pats have already clinched a playoff spot, but on the other hand, they mean a lot because the Pats play the Bronco's twice to end the regular season and there's a good chance that these two teams will meet in the first round of the playoffs. I think it's really important for the Pats to be playing their best hockey heading into playoffs, but I also think it's important for the Pats to win at least one of those two games against Swift Current for confidence reasons, heading into the playoffs. As for the game against Prince Albert on Wednesday, the Pats should not take them lightly. The Raiders will likely bring their A game and will be looking for a W, so the Pats will need to play a complete game if they want to win.

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    Maybe the Pats want to coast into WC spot 1 and take an easier path to the conference finals. I’m sure MJ will want to beat Bdn twice on the weekend so they play Bdn and Not PA in round 1 as well!
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbtatter View Post
    Maybe the Pats want to coast into WC spot 1 and take an easier path to the conference finals. I’m sure MJ will want to beat Bdn twice on the weekend so they play Bdn and Not PA in round 1 as well!
    MJ is stuck with PA now.

    BDN would basically need to win out to leap REG now, in theory we could Win and Tie; then win the tiebreaker if REG was to lose out. Can't see BDN be too keen on pairing up with SC.

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    Where is jared legien? Injured I assume? When is he to be back?

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    Default Pats 3 - PA 2..Shootout

    Not much of a game but perhaps also not unexpected. After the last 8 games on the road, the first game back can be a stinky trap game and it delivered. The highlight was Gabrielle slick move. OMG the officiating is just dreadful and there are no other words to describe. Vetter is Vetter but Peluk has Tier 2 written all over him. Not impressed whatsoever.

    I don't believe even for a second that Paddock would ever play for a lower spot regardless of who he has to play. If the pats lose their last two and Brandon wins their last two, then they get third. I noticed tonight that Swift Current didn't play their full roster tonight, so I have no idea what the weekend games will bring with the Pats. Will SC rest players? Will the Pats rest Players? I would expect that MJ may rest some of their top guys, so if that were to happen Brandon would have a very good chance to win a couple games unless of course, they would rest players but realistically why would they!. I don't think it's good for any team to hold back and lose to pick an opponent, because that usually backfires on you. MJ and SC are fixed in their spots. P.A. is fixed in their spot. Only Brandon and Regina have to decide who will be third and who will be #1 Wildcard.

    Any team in the East division is a tough out. Like most every year it's a no doubter there will be some upsets early in the process. It's whole new season. The East division more than most is ripe for upsets.

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    I can't say I agree that the East is ripe for upsets. Do you really see PA beating MJ? And if we knock SC out I can't imagine that being called an "upset".

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    Quote Originally Posted by cflrules View Post
    I can't say I agree that the East is ripe for upsets. Do you really see PA beating MJ? And if we knock SC out I can't imagine that being called an "upset".

    When I wrote "division' I meant to say Conference…my bad..sorry!

    With respect to East the division I most certainly do think that PA has a chance of upending MJ. I also believe the Pats beating out Swift Current would also be an upset. I guess it boils down to what you think upsets are.

    In MJ it appears Schuldhaus may be out and he was a big acquisition for them. They have a bunch of other nagging injuries and some may be significant. May not be real healthy going in to the playoffs. They will be facing one of the hottest teams in the league in the Raiders who are pretty healthy and hungry. They have Nagy and Mcdonald playing well. Additionally they have Scott in goal who is likely better than Wilms. They are big, fast and aggressive. MJ will have their hands full. Raiders may not win but have a legitimate chance = possible upset.

    The Pats have yet to beat the Broncos (with Steenbergen and Gawdin) and outscored 16-7 in four games. Two of those games after the Jan 10th deadline. SC rested their top two guys last night so it's uncertain what we will see this weekend. They have nothing to prove or gain so I expect they will rest a number of guys. If we use our "full lineup" then any possible wins will mean very little at all. It wouldn't surprise me to see Paddock rest the likes of Steel, Mahura and perhaps Hajek. Our backup whoever that is will likely start one game. The Pats will need to beat SC four times to win the series and they have yet to prove they can beat them once with full lineups. The Pats are most capable of winning that series and yes that would be an upset.

    Whomever goes over from the East division to play Medicine Hat will have a better record than the Hat. If it's Brandon that plays the Tigers they will have a very legit chance of winning. May be considered an upset but very surprising at the least. I would put my money on Red Deer over Lethbridge. Two teams going in opposite directions. Sutter is a good coach and the Rebels are playing well. Reichel is on fire, Hagel is back in form. In net they have young Anders playing with a 905 save %. They kept a lot of veteran guys like Pawlenchuk, McCarty, Johnson etc. A short while ago Lethbridge was challenging for first but have now gone 3-7 in the P10. The Rebels just a short while ago were trying to get into a playoff spot. Little doubt a Rebels win would have to be viewed as an upset.

    When you beat a team that's been at the top or fighting for top spot all year, that's an upset. When you beat a team you've had no success with, that's an upset. PA, Regina, and Red Deer have all had struggles with ups and down all season. They are all playing quite well right now when it matters. It would not surprise me to see at least one of those teams move on the 2nd round.

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    Interesting that Kyle Dumba is now on the Pats active roster. Phil Andrews tweeted that the Pats added them to their list before the deadline. After looking into Dumba's stats, it looks like he essentially split time in Salmon Arm (BCHL) this year. His numbers are nothing special. I assume that he is nothing more than a long shot insurance policy. Wasserman is better off getting playing time in Humboldt during the playoffs, but I suspect he is the third string goalie once the Broncos lose out. With Kubic hurt (supposed to return soon), Dumba is better insurance than Pesenti until that time comes.

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