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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
    The Blades first call will be to Strutch or Blade alumni.
    I would like to see the Pats owners buy the Blades.
    Struch will be Pats head coach next year. Paddo will focus only on GM duties.

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    I think the succession plan has been for Struch to take over the Pats after this season, and it makes sense. Paddock can't be finding those bus rides enjoyable at this stage of his life. However the biggest thing about a full time Gm's position is that there is an ever growing need for someone to "sell the brand" to prospective players and their families. You need to spend time in other teams rinks and see players for yourself, get out in front of possible trades, and more and more the recruitment of American kids will be a must for teams who want sustained success. And above all else you need to sign the kids you have drafted. Assessing and knowing what you need and recognozing your weaknesses quickly, then remedying these things ASAP is a full time job.

    I think John will be a very demanding boss and there is nothing wrong with that. I often wonder in the back of my mind how easy it will be for him to transition. He seems to be one of those who is a coach forever kind of guy. Being a full time GM won't be any less demanding, however it will give him extra time to unearth some hidden gems. I think it's the right way to go.

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