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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
    That is the Pats trade bait?? Fleury is going no where, I can't imagine a scenario that Davidson gets dealt. I think the Pats have some younger players that have value such as Nijhoff (I would love him to stay, BUT), and Williams. After all Buziak was enough to get Legien.

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    I have heard Gabrielle back to the Pats as well

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    Your not listening the farm of prospects is already sold.
    Your going to have to give to get. Lateral moves won't work ask ny Rangers!
    In fact have the pats made a deal that has really worked out?
    Last fall the Pats had a championship team with chemistry��.
    It's a must Win Year and competive division. I heard Hunter has a couple deals brewing at WJ tourney so may be in tough.
    Will know shortly. Go team Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sttop View Post
    I have heard Gabrielle back to the Pats as well
    I don't understand. Please enlighten us, the Pats don't even hold Jesse's rights so where is this baseless rumour coming from?

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    I checked out Gabrielle's AHL numbers and they are not great. Maybe Boston wants to kick start his game. If the Pats want Gabrielle and the Bruins were Ok with it, they would simply make a trade to PG for his rights. I'm sure PG is interested in Krane from the Caribou Cougars as well as few other real good BC prospects we have out there. I would suspect his rights wouldn't be that expensive. A good gritty playoff type player who didn't get much chance. Of course I guess this is all speculation at this point.

    I have a deep sense that there are a number of external things in play which may be holding up some announcements. Obviously the WJC's are impacting and perhaps ongoing discussions with NHL teams. Would Washington be agreeable to allowing Hobbs to return here after the rehab to get his game going again.

    Of course there are deals on and off the table in the same day. Sellers are dangling things trying to up the ante. Teams are backing away in some instances probably looking for cheaper solutions. Sometimes sellers become too greedy and can end up not moving or getting less than anticipated. Especially for an asset they won't have the following season. It's happened before. If Paddock is looking elsewhere because of the stupid asking prices, then good on him. Maybe he lands a couple pieces out of left field.Maybe he's got a good deal in place with a sensible seller.

    The Pats have plenty of draft picks available. Missing only one 1st rounder in 2019. They have 2018, 2020, and 2021 to use. (Unlike the OHL that can go to something like 2024). They are missing a 2nd rounder and 3rd rounder in that assortment so they have as many draft picks as any other team. Since most teams in the hunt wont part with key pieces it's usually about prospects and some draft picks. Any one of the AP's playing with the Pats are good players as are Krane in BC, Robbins in Manitoba, Dubinsky and Savoie in Alberta etc etc. Never mind Williams on D right now and Nijhoff who has shown he can be a good players at 16 and Dubinsky playing is 15. There may not be high round picks but still very good players (Robbins playing in CSSHL has 20 pts in 16 games, and he started slow) Will be a big time offensive players. Doesn't include any of the USA players they have listed and I'm betting they will get another one or two. That's how Portland stayed highly competitive after the WHL took all their 1st round picks away for 5 years. Only once finished under 40 wins. There is no shortage of talented prospects. I'm sure the Pats don't want to use them up though. They will move a few roster players in the right situation as well. If they bring in four they will likely need to move out four. Some via trades and a couple back to Tier 2.

    Paddock has got about a week now to get his plan done and in place. It's too bad that deals weren't done sooner as prices would have been better. Now at the deadline the prices are obviously too high even for the most lavish spender. Finding alternatives isn't a bad idea but the time is short. I expect two big trades and a two lesser. Hopefully that can include a couple "out of left field" acquisitions.
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    Pats win 3-2 at home to the #5th ranked team in the CHL, the Brandon Wheat Kings. Jared Legien scored two goals and had an assist and earned first star. He now has 6 points (3G, 3A) in 4 games since joining the Pats. If he wasn't on everyone's "quick hits" list after last game, he should be now.

    Also, Tyler Brown kicked the net off of it's moorings on Brandon's first goal, but it still counted (and rightfully so), then he knocked it off with his shoulder on what would have been the Wheat Kings' (Tanner Kaspick's) 3rd and game tying goal with a little over 3 minutes left in the game. If players can get a penalty for accidentally shooting the puck over the glass, then goaltenders should get a 2 minute delay of game penalty for knocking their net off, when it results in an opposition's goal being waived off as a result.

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    Ok so I didn't go tonight but saw the highlights just now and a was talking to a friend who was there and we both think it's because the net almost... "caught the puck" for lack of better term.

    If he hadn't pushed the net off, it wouldn't have gone in.

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    I think the Pats may have "caught a break" on what could have been the tying goal. The PBP guys said on the post game that the net was off just as the puck was at the crossbar. If that's the case we're talking a small fraction of second. IMO Brown just about let in his second short side goal of the period. He made some saves that were ok but after just killing off a penalty, and let in a weak short side goal can be a killer. He struggles mightily with his short side and pucks near his feet. He still has the curse of the one weak goal per game. Legien saved his bacon.

    Jared Legien seems to like playing at home with 6 points in 4 games. We don't have many guys able to blow around a d-man and stick it. His offensive contribution has been huge for us with Oksanen and Lockner out, plus Steel gone. I don't know if he will plateau out or not but I think he has real potential to be a point a game player. At any rate I'm enjoying watching him and hope it keeps up.

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    The key to remember is that he's matched Buziaks entire output prior to the trade in just 4 games as a Pat. So...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuckHead306 View Post
    The key to remember is that he's matched Buziaks entire output prior to the trade in just 4 games as a Pat. So...
    There is no doubt that Legien has seemingly breathed some life into this team. He seems to be developing some chemistry with Bradley which is a good thing to get a a top 2nd line going. We will still need to find a left winger for Steel and Henry so that they can become an elite line. A big puck retriever is what's needed. A Jermaine Loewen type would be ideal.

    It's been extremely quiet on the trade front for all teams, not just the Pats. The Pats still have a number of holes and needs to fill, and the window gets smaller every day. With the limited number of WJC players realistically available, the Pats will be in competition and fortunate to get even one guy from the WJC's. They will still need to make deals with other teams in various forms. No doubt the clock is ticking…...

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