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    Nice to see a Blade loss to lock PA into a playoff spot. After the recent run they deserve to be there,this is the best Raider team I have seen an many years. Since making a few trades, our scoring is greatly improved and balanced, one of the most underrated D in the east. If we can get more consistent goaltending they won't be an easy series for anyone. The 1st wildcard would have been great but pretty doubtful.

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    Not sure your 1st WC is in doubt. You do have to win out, and BDN has to lose out, tonight presumably being the biggest challenge for PA.

    BDN remaining games are Away and Home vs MJ ... unsure how that ends up playing out.

    Could be tight, still an outside chance BDN jumps REG, which I think would be terrible as a BDN fan.

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    Well that's it for the regular season. The team has dropped a bit of intensity since clinching, I hope Habs can get them back to where they were. The team won't beat MJ on skill level, they need to be the harder working team every shift for us to have any chance. Realistically, if we win one or 2 games I will be more than happy.

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    Is Sheen have any time left on his suspension? Burke is hurt. Zaitsev, Schuldhaus hurt....M.J. is nicked up. Clague and Woo missed some time...I think we can win if Goaltending is solid and no one takes a shift off...

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    Game 4:

    Can't fault the effort in that game. If that's the last game at home this year it was a really great effort. Didn't really give Moose Jaw anything all game. No puck luck around the net. Of course the horse ****e call by Watt on the no goal was huge. Moose Jaw is tough enough to beat by themselves and it's extra hard when you're playing against the zebras too. At any rate, hope there's a game 6.

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    I hated the call, but they need to move on. The Raiders need to score on the power play, as they have been getting enough of them. The overall effort has been great, there's no doubt the last 3 games could have gone either way. A game 6 in PA would sure be nice.

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    What a game wow. Both goalies made some huge saves and both teams obviously some big goals. That was probably the best game I’ve witnessed this year out of all the games and all the different teams I’ve seen. I wish Monty played all the time like he has in the playoffs. Everybody is playing solid right now and it’s fun to watch.

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