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    Here is new Playoff thread for the first round of the playoffs involving our team. Obviously there will be several takes on this series and that's to be expected. The raw truth here is that there is a razor thin margin of difference between the two teams. You can break down goaltending, defence, forwards, coaching, depth etc. However at the end of the day it's playoffs and over the last 30 games the winning % of these teams appears to be very close. The Broncos had a good season with numbers to prove it. The Pats had the second best winning % in the second half of the season and the numbers are there to prove it. Based on these things there is every reason to believe this will be a good, close, and long series.

    Barring injuries or unforeseen circumstances this one might be too close to call. I will defer the predictions to others!


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    I agree the teams really do stack up very even but I give an edge to the Pats in my rose coloured glasses and in experience both players and coaching. IMO John P, after not enough depth last year has built a team with the depth and grit to be better than last year. I’m thinking the Pats in six but that could be those darn glasses again.

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    Top 6 forwards - Edge SC
    Bottom 6 forwards - Edge Pats
    Defensive Depth - Edge Pats
    Goaltending - Edge SC or even depending on how you look at it. Max Paddock has beaten MJ x2 and SC once (while Hebig was scratched), since the trade deadline and he did not let in any even strength goals in that game against SC. Kubic has good stats since joining the Pats, but he's missed a lot of games due to being injured. Stuart Skinner has 24 games of playoff experience, while Kubic and Paddock have none. On the surface, it's easy to give SC the edge here, but I"m not sure that Skinner will out play the Pats' goaltending every game.
    Coaching - Edge Pats. The Pats lost in the WHL finals last year (after beating Stuart Skinner's Lethbridge Hurricanes in the series previous and the Manny Viveiros led Broncos in the series before that). Two years ago the Pats were the second youngest team in the league, beat Lethbridge (Stuart Skinner) in the first round, then took the Memorial Cup Host Red Deer Rebels to game 7 in round 2. John Paddock's Pats have a history of showing up to play hockey in the playoffs and I don't think this year will be any different, even though many think the Pats will roll over due to the fact that they are hosting the Memorial Cup this year.

    The path to victory for the Pats is staying out of the penalty box, working hard and punishing SC every chance they get. I think they have more team depth than SC and can win if they take SC into deep waters, while staying disciplined. However, if the Pats take a lot of bad penalties like they've been doing all year long, SC has the talent to make them pay. I expect a long hard fought close series. Swift Current finished with the better record in the regular season, but the Pats have been playing good hockey heading into the playoffs.
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    The teams are even enough, but most of the broncos, and the Lethbridge add-ons, are going to be seeing red the whole matchup.

    We need to grind them down their D with forecheck, get our matchups right, abuse steenbergen and 120 pound heponiemi(who disappeared halfway through last years series after forechecking), throw a high amount of shots at skinner, get under Andersons skin, and for heavens sake clear our own crease.

    Ultimately it will come down to goaltending. Whoever is in net...Make it a grinding affair and we have a chance....

    but sadly, I think Swift prevails. Swifts tiny forwards will flop all night and Gabrielle will get 30 PIMs per night for being in the arena. Plus I am not completely confident with inexperienced goaltending. We also have the memorial cup safety-net in our mind, and swift is going to be extra motivated considering last years chokejob + lethbridges players being owned for years. I predict they take the first two, take one in Reg and win in 6. No choke this year.

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    I hate to say it, but Swift in 7. I hope I'm wrong but if last season's Broncos could take last years Pats to game 7 then I think this years Broncos can beat us. I hope I'm wrong. Either way, this series will be a barn burner and the next series vs MJ will be another barn burner regardless who moves on.

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    There's nothing wrong with picking Swift Current to win this series. They're a better team than last year and they've been one of the best teams in the CHL all year long. They're the favorites and they're supposed to win.

    However, don't forget that the Pats are a much different team from last years series as well. Adam Brooks was injured midway through the first period of game two of last years series against the Bronco's after being hit awkwardly by Conner Chaulk. Jake Leschyshyn was already out for the season due to injury, which put the Pats in a tough position at center due to a lack of center depth. The Pats ended up riding Sam Steel and Wyatt Sloboshan hard in that series. The Pats lacked veteran depth in general last year, which arguably ended up costing them in the WHL Final vs. Seattle.

    This year's Pats team is loaded with depth at center and loaded with veteran depth in general. The team is missing high end players like Wagner, Brooks and Hobbs from last year, but the team is bigger and stronger and has more veteran depth throughout the line up in general. Both the Bronco's and Pats are different teams from last year even though each team still has some of the same players in their line ups from last year. I expect a hard fought series from both teams and may the best team win.

    Meanwhile, Broncos forward MacKenzie Wight was suspended two games on Monday for the knee-on-knee check that injured Brooks, who took another hit from Conner Chaulk after the initial collision.
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