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    Quote Originally Posted by Da genius View Post
    I could say that but no that's what someone who doesn't know hockey would say.
    Quality attitude buddy. It must be a drag to have to deal with nitwits on here, after spending your days of splitting the atom and dividing by zero.

    It's not only very shortsighted to say the entire reason for losing this series would be solely on which goaltender is in net. It's a preposterous idea. All the other players in the game influence the flow of the game much more so than the guy who doesn't move outside of the crease. The vast majority of goals against are due to the play of the rest of the players(defensive breakdowns, or smart offensive plays). There's the odd goaltender mistake that happens, but it's such a small percentage in comparison to normal goals. Whether it's Carter Hart in net, or Dawson 'vezina' Macaulay, or Dominek Hasek...most goals against we usually see are goals which netminders have a slim chance against. Breakaways, 2 on 1s, rebounds, tips, one timers etc.

    Aside from timely breakaway saves or any genuinely great saves, the difference between one non elite whl caliber goaltender and another isn't that big. And make no mistake, Skinner is not elite. He is an inconsistent talent that swift paid up the nose for. Kubic isn't anything special either, but he will give Regina a chance. I'd rather have kubic for the throw in price, than Skinner+ for barlage+, or whatever ungodly price kamloops must have wanted for Ferguson.

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    Pretty accurate commet there SAJ..from what I've seen over the years goalies often get too much bad press when the team loses, and too much credit when they win. There are occasions where a goalie actually steals a series.It happens every now and then but not often. For the last two years we have gotten to Skinner.It doesn't mean he's a bad goalie. In no way would I suggest that but if a good offensive group are motivated that can often find a way. The Pats did that last two years. Like you I feel Kubic is susceptible at times for weak goals. He has to get a lid on that issue. On Monday the Broncos sold out to help Skinner. On Wednesday it was the opposite and the Pats sold out. If they continue playing that way There is no reason to think they can't have success. It's a series that has a very thin margin no matter what anyone thinks.

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    We will see quickly who is right , thanks for your awesome novice hockey level insights, any more gems about goalies can't win a game cause they don't leave the crease? Wow defensive breakdowns cause goals amazing.

    Skinner has been the first star in 2 wins, he will be the DIFFERENCE in the series is my opinion.

    Also I love this price was too high bs. News flash all the picks are gone anyways. Paddock was the only gm with a locked in seat if anyone should have been paying any price it was him.

    There is no Price too high when your in guaranteed a spot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Da genius View Post
    thanks for your awesome novice hockey level insights
    You seem to require that sort of thing.

    Look, you can like skinner all you wish. Hes an nhl prospect/project. My deadline plan was also a whole lot different than what ended up happening, but kubic wont lose us the series by himself, nor will skinner steal the series. The skaters are the difference right now, with their putrid PK, and our soft soft soft paddock playing style.

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    Pats lose game five 5-2 in Swift Current tonight. Max Paddock, Jesse Gabrielle and Libor Hajek were all scratched. Artyoim Minulin was back in the line up for the Bronco's. After Nick Henry scored a power play goal for the Pats midway through the first period, the Pats took three bad penalties in a short period of time at the end of the first period and start of the second, which resulted in three power play goals for the Bronco's and the Bronco's never looked back. That string of bad penalties was arguably the turning point of the game.

    Too many men
    Hooking (Oksanen)
    Delay of game (Holmes shot the puck over the side glass)

    Swift Current showed up to play tonight, but the one thing you never want to do is beat yourself and the Pats didn't help themselves tonight by taking so many bad penalties. It's been the same story all year long. Now the Pats will have their backs up the wall tomorrow night at the Brandt Center as they are down 3-2 in the series, facing elimination.

    Swift Current will be looking to close out this series, so the Pats will need to play their best and stay out of the penalty box if they want to have a chance of forcing a game 7 on Monday night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some_Arrogant_Jerk View Post
    Are you going to do this every time they drop a game?
    I have to do this or jerk would be upset 😂

    3rd star skinner a ho hum 40 saves

    Also is at the top of whl in save percentage and gaa above the vaunted Hart.

    I'll add to the skinner stats Platt mahovlich sidaway hyman all -4 or 3 for this series

    Has there been a worse pick up then sidaway or worse off season pick then Platt? Paddocks lack of depth starting to really burn him and swift isn't even deep. This team will have to roll 2 lines in the cup or get scorched, Hyman a -4

    Pats should have waited before renewing Paddocks deal as gm, he should be coach only. Pay him allot for that but he shouldn't be in charge of personnel

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    Isn't it interesting that people like this are the most desperate for validation? This guy so desperately wants to tell people 'told you so' to the point of rooting for the opposition.

    In your brief visit on this forum, it seems all you're capable of posting attentions seeking quips with 3rd grade punctuation, and counter signalling the local team. Well...maybe if swift wins the cup, they'll let you march in their parade right beside Skinner himself. There, you have something to look forward to. Because at this point, gaining much respect in this small group is looking out of reach.

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    Analysis is analysis, the more accurate it is the better it is. If I'm accurate that's all anyone needs to read. If people want fluff go sit beside one of the old grandma's at the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da genius View Post
    If I'm accurate that's all anyone needs to read
    I guess everyone is going to need to read a heck of a lot more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy_boy View Post
    I guess everyone is going to need to read a heck of a lot more.
    Ya Pats hammered them tonight and now have no pressure on them for game seven should win it. The veterans like Steel didnt want to go down easy especially at home

    It's hockey never know what can happen and this game went exactly opposite of what I expected.. I still think I'm right about everything but if the Pats win a couple series and a few mem cup games how much better they could have been wont matter and the masses will be happy

    Just need to win that game 7

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