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Thread: 2018 Off Season

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    Side note: a little shocked they gave the C to Mattheos. I know Iím not in the dressing room but he doesnít seem like a leader to me. Definetly does not lead on the ice, takes stupid penalties almost every game and can be quite selfish. I wonder if they gave it to him because they are certain Lewis isnít coming to us?
    Would they not have to assign it before tonights game?

    Also love the take on Branstrom ...

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    Went to season opener tonight. Very scrambly game----showed a lot of rust. Passes missed etc. Team had a lot of chances but could not squeeze. MJ goalie was good but WK should have had more than two goals. ONE minor penalty the whole game. Looked like ice capades out there. Not much contact a mostly boring game. Mattheos, Burzan, and Reinhardt were a very good line. Higson and Schneider were very good as well. I thought Iorio and Ettinger were very good as well playing a simple game. Once Iorio gets up to speed in this league he is going to be stud. McCartney was also impressive using his speed and tenacity to good advantage.

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    I tell you this much I am not a fan of Hartje and Wytinck playing together . they are the exact same player. Plus neither are real good in the defensive side of the game. I thought Greig has great vision and sees the ice well but coasted around most of the time . Needs to get his motor kicked up a gear . Daley looks like the same guy as last year , Stone hands and scared to get hit . Gutenburg was terrible last night in my opinion . If somebody helps McCorrister he is going to have a monster year , He looked real good last night . Top line played well . Higson and Schneider were good as well . Iorio was excellent I thought . Sloppy game both ways . It will get better .

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