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Thread: 2018 Off Season

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    Heard from someone close to the team that kaut really wants to play here and almost reported last year. It makes sense when you think about it. He's playing 3rd/4th line minutes in a men's league and he's getting drafted this summer. His nhl team will want him playing top line minutes in Brandon.

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    It's somewhat comforting that MJ was eliminated the same round we were. Now we reap the benefits of a calculated move by the Wheaties brass!

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    So did Brandon play this entire season with just 1 Euro? I know nothing about Kaut but if he "really wants to play here", why didnt he play this season?

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    Yea I agree Sandman , I am not buying into him really wanting to play in Brandon if he did he would have reported when he was in NA for World Junior Tourny . I guess we will see at the end of June at the Import Draft .

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