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Thread: 2018 Off Season

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    Happened to be looking at something else on Elite Prospects and clicked on Wheat King roster, it had the usual suspects but also a handful of prospects as well so found that interesting. I wondered if it was taken from the Wheat king site but noticed it hasn't been updated since last season. Found the Tiger link interesting and this Elite Prospects link interesting and sad that the Wheat King site hasn't done any updates all summer to their website. Anyways,

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    Congrats to Schneider for making the U18 Ivan Hlinka team. 11 WHLers were selected

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHallenback View Post
    Congrats to Schneider for making the U18 Ivan Hlinka team. 11 WHLers were selected
    He looked good in the pre tourney game in red deer. Threw some nice hits. Cozens was the best player on the ice. Lethbridge will be scary.

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    Watching U18 game tonight and Schneider is the best defensive d-man on the team. Positionally very sound and plays the body very well. He also passes the puck very well. Robertson from Edmonton and Korzack from Kelowna look good as well. 3 of the best forwards on the team are from the Dub. Cozens is a horse Krebs from Kootenay and Dach from Saskatoon are not far behind.

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    Ya Schneider was rock solid but so was everyone else. He moved the puck very well and was always in the right position. That swiss team looked shell shocked.

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    Watched the Canada USA Hilinka game last night and boy was that a good game to watch . Lots of skill and lots of speed forcing turnovers . Unfortunate contravercial ending but from a hockey standpoint top notch .

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    The Czech goalie is reporting to the WK. Got to think the starter is the import or Myskiw with the loser being traded. No word on the import d-man though.

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    They can't trade the Import goalie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SectionNDeserter View Post
    They can't trade the Import goalie.
    No but they can release him outright getting nothing for him if someone else picks him up. Don't think the team would keep 2 19 yr old goalies so one has to go somewhere. It is going to be a very interesting training camp this year as the team has some really good prospects coming in meaning some of last year's players need to pick up the pace or get beat out by a hungrier young guy. This competitive camp is a good thing as there will be less complacency amongst the veterans. Anyone care to predict this year's roster?

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    Yes. My prediction is we will have 23 players and 2 of them will be goalies . Book it !

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