I think reality needs to kick in at some point for us all. Are my Habs making the playoffs this year? A possibility but reality? Very slim chance but I’d say no. Is Brannstrom coming to Brandon? Initially there was a 20/80 chance… but with his strong camp thus far. I say he stands a better chance of making Vegas than coming to BWK. He will go to AHL instead for a call up.
As for Lewis. We stand a better chance there. Colorado has made one cut already out of their main camp. (Henry to Regina). Lewis and Kaut are two of 24 forwards remaining and two of 9 non-NHL experienced forwards. Being that he is signed can he come here? Yeah I’m sure it’s been done before. Will it happen? Ummmm 20/80 chance I think.. or hope.
Having said that we need to think they are not coming and I’m sure our top Brass have a plan in place for an OA anyway. No rush on the import side of it. Just hope it will not cost us too much to bring in another OA.