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Thread: 2018 Off Season

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    I think it could be Alaire but there have been some off the board picks so far so who knows

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    Well here we go

    Both Benthem and Lajoie go

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    Jake Chiasson

    He fell to us and that is a nice pickup. Top end big center ton of skill.

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    Is he likely to report?
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbtatter View Post
    Is he likely to report?
    Ya he will report. I think when he plays here he will be 6'3/4 range. They list him as a RW but I have seen him play as a center and wing. Guy is going to be a strong Junior player

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    Tyler Brennan gone. I was kind of hoping we would get him with one of our 2nd round pick.

    Eric Alaire is sitll there hopefully MJ passes on him

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    THOSE ****ERS GAH. Hoping he would fall to our 1st 2nd round pick

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    So what are we doing on the D side ...

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    Time to pick one of the top goaltenders with our first second round pick. Pick d-men with the other two picks.

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    One would think that may have been done in spite! Gave up a lot for Clague to be ousted from playoffs at the same time as BK . Lol

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