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Thread: 2018 Off Season

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    Not sure you want a player who does not want to be here. Convincing him to play is one thing but forcing him to play here will not work to our benefit. I guess we'll see how this plays out, but I'm not too optimistic.

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    He never once said he doesn’t want to play here. He said he’s open to the option of playing in Brandon but he wants to make the golden knights.

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    When did you speak to him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandman View Post
    When did you speak to him?
    Pretty sure he is referring to interviews that were taken through Vegas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatTheDUB View Post
    Pretty sure he is referring to interviews that were taken through Vegas.
    I would be interested to see a video or transcript of these interviews.

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    Who gives a **** what he says if Vegas wants him in Brandon he will be in Brandon . He’s signed so he lost his choice at this point .

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    Regardless of if these players end up in Brandon or not - I wonder why they picked 19 year olds? Would this year not be considered a "rebuilding" season? I would have guessed they go with 17-18s and have them a couple seasons at least.

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    I think the East is between PA and Brandon, so the WK are kind of going for it by drafting now players not future players. Their luck with imports has not that good anyways. Just my thoughts on why they drafted 2 19 yr olds.Brannstrom is the real deal so would be one of the top d-men in the league.

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    Sandman the last 2 years were the rebuilding years . This year should reverse the standing . Now that’s why they play the games you never know who will be at the top .

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    What are you talking about sandman? How is this a rebuilding season? As for brannstrom, nobody on here talked to him. Google his name and read his recent interviews. He doesn’t just get to decide where he plays. He’s property of Vegas now... which means McCrimmon (owner of the wheatkings) decides where he plays. Hope that helps.
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