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Thread: 2018 Off Season

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    Heard from someone close to the team that kaut really wants to play here and almost reported last year. It makes sense when you think about it. He's playing 3rd/4th line minutes in a men's league and he's getting drafted this summer. His nhl team will want him playing top line minutes in Brandon.

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    It's somewhat comforting that MJ was eliminated the same round we were. Now we reap the benefits of a calculated move by the Wheaties brass!

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    So did Brandon play this entire season with just 1 Euro? I know nothing about Kaut but if he "really wants to play here", why didnt he play this season?

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    Yea I agree Sandman , I am not buying into him really wanting to play in Brandon if he did he would have reported when he was in NA for World Junior Tourny . I guess we will see at the end of June at the Import Draft .

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    Going to be an interesting off season I think

    First off all I think they are going to make a play to get Lambos at the draft. They have the resources to do it. Could be very similar to what we did to grab both Patrick and Clague at the draft. Offered up something to Regina to not take Patrick at 3 and then moved up with Lethbridge to get Clague.

    I think if Lambos lets it be known he wants to go to Brandon like Patrick did we probably have to get either the 3rd or 4th overall pick as I think Edmonton takes Alberta boy Stringer and Kootenay takes Guenthar. My thoughts are PA has a lot of very good young players coming into what is going to be a very good team again next year. They may want to stock pile for the future and for making possible moves to acquire talent for a run next season. Swap picks with Us this year and offer up a 1st next year. It is good for PA especially if they are not going to get Lambos to come anyway and they pick up more movable pieces to acquire a real impact player next season at the deadline.

    Saying that though I can see us battling with PA this year so it is going to be interesting to see if things happen there

    As for the team I think if Lewis comes back were going to be really strong up front. I can see them keeping Greig and Ritchie as 16 year olds. We should have lots of scoring all through the lineup. I expect really big seasons from Burzan,Gutenberg and Thompson.

    They need some work on the back end. Schnieder will have a break out season and pave the way for him getting drafted in the 1st round. Higson will be a very solid 20 for us. I think Ettinger will improve. I think they keep Bukac he is big and and 19 and drafted. I don't think any of our drafted guys from last year report. But they got Lambos to insert in anyway. A trade here sometime will be a good idea.

    Goaltending will be fine with Myskiw and Kruger

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    Great analysis Joe. A few other observations. Firstly, I doubt Lewis comes back as he is signed. Getting Lambos would be great, but at what cost. I would say probably at least 2 players from last year report----Grieg and Ritchie. If neither Of the 2 defenceman drafted in the second round last year reports then bad on the management team for not doing a better job of getting players to commit. Let's hope this does not happen this year. A player of lesser ablility but who really wants to play in the league might be a better option then rolling the dice on an iffy top prospect. The team HAS to stop,losing all the players they have lost over the past few years. I would not bring Bukac back even if he is drafted. Too slow, poor decision making and too soft. Nuff said. I would try to trade Daley before his play pisses even more people off.

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    Look around the league boys every team is losing players to college . If they don’t go to a 15 year draft it’s only going to get worse I’m afraid . I would rather them hit home run once and awhile and miss on a few guys then have a team of plugs .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirmel View Post
    Look around the league boys every team is losing players to college . If they don’t go to a 15 year draft it’s only going to get worse I’m afraid . I would rather them hit home run once and awhile and miss on a few guys then have a team of plugs .
    That may be so,but if you dig a little deeper we have lost 6 players to the NCCA in the the past two years and 5 of them are defenceman. Who else lost that many?

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    Which is one of the reasons they traded for Lambos.

    But they have drafted well because players like Comrie and Gourley would have made a big difference to this team this year. What is really ****ty about them drafting Iorio and Kehrer is that they could have selected Jakub Brook from Roblin who had a good year with RHA this year. What really hurts though is they passed on Daemon Hunt, he might end up the best D man out of last years draft. The good news though is Grieg had an outstanding year in the Alberta AAA midget league finishing 2nd in scoring behind 4th overall pick Neighbors.

    Up front we are good and actually we might have more players then we need. Ritchie finished 2nd in scoring behind Bettens and ahead of 2 Wheat King prospects Szun and Halliday. They also side Bode Hagan to a contract so I am assuming they have to find room for him as well.

    Currently our defense is small outside Higson,Schnieder and Bukac. Many of you want to jettison Bukac but I won't believe they do that unless they draft 2 players in the import draft.

    My thoughts are if Kaut comes over and we keep Bukac because we lack size. If Kaut comes over he should have a huge impact up front. The guy is world class for his age and I can see him playing with Mattheos and them bascially having there way with the league.

    My worries are we lack size and whether or not our goaltending holds up. The good news is if we score and score a lot i can see them shipping the boat load of draft picks we have in for improvements similar to what Swift Current did. Go out and get a D man or 2 to bolster us on the back end.

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    Is the older Lambos really that good a prospect? He does not appear to me to be much of a difference maker at least not next year anyways. Losing both Kehrer and Iorio shows incompetence on behalf of management by not getting firmer commitments from either. Don't think the team can afford too many screw ups like this. We have another golden opportunity this year with a first and 3 seconds to stock the shelves. Hope the scouts and GM have done their homework. I am somewhat skeptical after last year 's screw up.

    I don't care if Bukac was 8 feet tall. Have you watched him play this year? Plays the puck like it's a hand grenade and is scared of his shadow. You really want this type of defenceman.???

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