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    Last night's game was ugly in every respect. The Titan are a good team but not 7-2 better! It seemed after the Pats got the first goal and Steel nearly made it 2-0 something changed. Had they made it 2-0 perhaps the game changes entirely for the better but instead the Pats stopped skating and the team had a horrible 5 minutes. Simply put all evening the goaltending was putrid from both guys. Defence by most of the guys but the top line for sure, was entirely optional. Hebig a 20 year old is standing 2 feet from a goal scorer but doesn't take him, Paddock was deep in his net and a long one goes in, Holmes breaks contain and chases a point man on the PK and gets burned. So many simple stupid mistakes and goals. The Titan put on pressure for sure, but really didn't have to do much for 4 or 5 of their goals. One can break this down any way you want but it probably simply comes down to hard work and coaching.

    This games was a 60 minute teaching video and not much else. They are still in control of their destiny for the most part. A win Wednesday and they are for sure in the semi-final. A loss and they are in a tie breaker and that rarely works out well. This upcoming game may be more to do with survival than redemption. They can't be concerned who is playing for the Broncos and who isn't. Wounded teams can be hard to play against. The Pats will have to come out strong no matter what and play hard with purpose.
    Agreed. They do control their own fate. But, there are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up. You are not going to win many games where your top line is a -2. For 2 periods the defense couldn’t move the puck. And forwards need to pick up the opposition’s dman jumping in the rush.

    But, to keep the glass half full ....
    I like Henry’s game. He looks like the Henry of last year.
    Bradley finally had some offensive flair

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    The two eastern teams seem to be picking up speed as the tournament progresses. Hamilton looked really quick, had crisp passes and controlled most of the play tonight. Skinner was outstanding and was the only reason SC had a chance. It should be a very entertaining game tomorrow.

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    Hamilton Bulldogs 2
    Swift Current Broncos 1

    Stuart Skinner played great and gave his team a chance to win. It's hard to win games when your team only scores one goal. Swift Current is probably going to have to beat the Pats two games in a row now? in order to make it to the semi-final. The Pats will need to have a much better performance than last game in order for that not to happen. I was hoping the Pats and Bronco's would play in the final or even the semi-final, but here we are. It'll be interesting to see how Hamilton does against Acadie-Bathurst tomorrow.

    If Acadie-Bathurst wins tomorrow and Swift Current beats the Pats on Wednesday, there will be three teams with a 1-2 record, so I"m not sure how everything would play out.
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    Pats shareholders expect $2M hit over Memorial Cup
    Group paid CHL $3.65 million to host event

    "It didn't matter if we sold every single seat to the concert and every single seat to the memorial cup, the event would have not made money no matter what," Semple said. "We just hope at the end of the day that everybody has fun, the Pats win and we celebrate the 100th Memorial Cup and the 100th anniversary of the Pats."
    If this was the case, why not price everything reasonably and sell everything out so more people can enjoy the games and events? One leg in last year, the other leg in this year. The outdoor hockey game was a flop and there are hundreds of empty seats at the Memorial Cup every game. There wasn't a single seat to be had in 2001 from what I can remember. This is slowly turning out to be a 2 year cash grab with zero Championships. This ownership group is quickly earning the reputation as a bunch of greedy cash grabbers and pissing a lot of fans off along the way, which is not a good long-term business plan. I don't trust a word that they say. They care more about making money than winning Championships and their actions support that fact. The fact that the Memorial Cup was a losing financial proposition to them (according to them) no matter what, is completely irrelevant of that fact.

    The point is that they come off in this article like they wanted to put this tournament on for the city of Regina and for Pats fans so that "everybody has fun" even though they apparently knew that they would lose money, but then they price things so high that hundreds of seats sit empty every game. How many seats were empty in the playoffs over the last two years? The truth of the matter is they are a business first and the main goal of any business is profit maximization. They are trying to maximize revenue even if it means that there are hundreds of empty seats on game day. What this ownership group says and does are two completely different things, which is why I do not trust them and see right through them. Instead of putting one dynamite team together that could win Championships, they spread their assets out over two years, so that they could maximize profit.
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