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Thread: 2018 Off season

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    A couple thoughts going into training camp. There are very little to no spots open this year. Just a added 20 and I would think the lineup is set. Here is my guess at the roster

    Fonstad, Monty ,McDonald , Leason , Moe, Kelly, Pearce , Miller , Krivo , Nach , Protas . So that is already 11 out of the 13 that will play the season. Add a 20 year old and that is the 12 forwards. But there is still Wiesblatt (who will stay) Saleski and Brook. Saleski may not stay just because of the injury shortened season last year , But he is WHL capable . Also a wildcard to consider is Quinn Olson. Quinn would easily slot into a top 6 forward roll this year. But he hasn't signed .

    Way to many 99 dmen this year. Hayes, Pachal , Martin , Sapego ,Massella are all 19 this year. And all played good hockey for the last 2 months of the season and playoffs. I would guess 1 will have to be traded this year . Belcourt is the only returning dman that is not 19 and I am sure that he will get more opportunity then he did last year. . And Imo he did a great job for the month he had to fill in for while Sapego was hurt. The only rookie that is ready to make the jump into the lineup will be Guhle. So with Guhle ,Pachal ,Martin , Hayes , Sapego , Belcourt and Massella the Raiders have 7 dmen. But my guess is with all the 99s the Raiders will trade 1 and look at Kirk or List player Landon Kosior to possibly be the 7th guy

    Ian Scott will be relied to play more then 55 games this year. I don't think the Raiders can look at keeping Meger for the 3rd 20 year old spot to back up Scott. So the only other logical pick would be Balas to back up Scott this year.
    I had it in my head that Kosior was 17 this year. He is only 16 so my guess is he can't stay with the # of 16s already penciled in. And he can't be the 7th dman as a 16 (minimum games)

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    Holy posts!

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    Protas signed today, great news. The only real wildcard now is Gregor, and I guess possible moves on D to get a touch younger.

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