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    I think the pats are in good shape with this new management. If it helps, just a couple seasons after brandon’s Back to back championship runs, they are entering the season as one of the teams to beat in the east. I think the pats definetly unload Leschyshyn and Henry at the deadline, even if they are in a playoff spot. Similar to what Brandon did with kaspick and Clague.... get some draft picks but also some immidiate roster players that are 17/18. Would love to see Henry in a WK’s uniform next year.

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    Default Very Quiet in Pat Land

    I don't know if it's accurate or not but it seems like it's been unusually quiet out of the Pats office. Of course with the Memorial Cup there was no spring camp with the talk that brings. There has been little of any consequence come from the Pats Office. Signings by Leschyshyn and Oksanen along with renewals and preseason schedule are pretty much it. It has been reported and speculated that John Paddock drops the head coaching duties with Dave Struch becoming the HC. That would leave only one assistant coach to bring on staff. One would have thought with all that seemingly set in stone, that it would have been announced by this time. It could lead one to ponder whether or not there is some type of hiccup in that scenario..

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    Default When is the Import Draft? - Must be pretty quick

    So we are in line to pick up 2 new euros any idea of where are draft picks are in the order? and when is the draft?

    Nothing on Dub site or CHL site.......................

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    2018 CHL Import Draft set for Thursday June 28, beginning at 11:00 am Eastern.

    Order and results:

    Regina picks in round 1, 47th overall and then again in round 2, 107th overall.
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    A couple of developments today.....
    a) Drafted two Russian players in the import draft. At 16 years of age, they are obviously hoping to build for the future. Both players are most likely to report since they played in Colorado this past year. I know nothing about either guy, but I do like the fact that they drafted young.

    b) Struch is now head coach, worst kept secret in Regina. I was surprised that he has moved to operate the forward lines while Herauf moves to defence. Struch has always looked after D.

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    Both news and developments have been slow coming out of the Pats office for sure…
    It's as Pats7 says the worst kept secret that Struch was announced HC, although a bit surprising it took this long. Possibly other options were being considered.
    I see that Brady Pouteau had shoulder surgery and won't be ready for training camp. He was and perhaps still is a strong contender for one of the OA spots this season. Maybe even a letter on his jersey. I guess it's now wait and see.
    The thing I noticed about the two Russians we selected (Alkimov and Sedov) was that last season in their league they were both point per game or better players. They are also invitees for the Russian team at the Hilinka Tournament. Good sign.
    I haven't checked the OA situation in the league but the Pats certainly have a number of them to deal with.
    It will be interesting to see how this years team unfolds. Who shows up and who doesn't. Can they sign any USA kids, what if any trades can be cobbled together.
    I would personally like to see a considerable upgrade in our team speed. It should be a good mix of old and new.

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    They both have good size for their age too.

    Sergei Alkhimov (6’1, 176 lbs)
    Nikita Sedov (6’1, 192lbs)

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    Both players played in North America last year as well, I like that strategy. Should be almost a year ahead of other guys in their age group in terms of language and comfort with the style of play.

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    It’s started. Pats trade Tanner Sidaway to Victoria for an 8th round pick. Should see one or two 19 traded before training camp

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    New trade rules. Taking Notes posted that thr WHL trade rules are now signed 15 and 16 can not be traded. 17 can only be traded if they request to be traded and the team can not initiate the talk with the 17 year old player. This sure changes the trade deadline and a lot more pressure on your scouts as draft picks are on your PL for a year and them the team for 2 years
    Will mean a lot more draft picks will be traded
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