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Thread: Training Camp/Exhibition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pats7 View Post
    Legien commits to the Yorkton Terriers of the SJHL for the upcoming season. That will be an excellent pickup for them, he could easily score 50.
    This info seems to be in line with what you reported in your previous post. I agree that Legien could have a strong offensive season with Yorkton, and may be more suited to the Tier 2 game. I notice that other than Garrett Wright there are no other top USA forwards attending camp which in my mind is very unfortunate and hurts our program. Wright has some upside but can't be categorized as elite at this point. I am pleased to see than Panowyk is coming. He looked good last year as a raw rookie and has considerable upside to his game. I didn't see Kubic on this years camp roster which was not at all surprising. I haven't heard where he will surface but I guess we will hear at some point. Mackenzie Belinksi was thought to have a real good shot at this team but it appears he has decided against Major Junior. I think there are a couple others from the expected list who are conspicuous by their absence.
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    Personally, I'm not surprised by the absence of the higher end Americans. It would help if they weren't all Minnesotans as college is usually top priority there. As mentioned, Smilanic is going to the USDP and would be stupid to give that up. I was hoping Paddock would take some chances on one of the top kids from California at the bantam draft.

    After seeing the rosters for next week, I've gotta say I'm disappointed. Pretty well everything I said in my last post is pretty well shot. Thought Bassi would be back after being signed, but even more so Belinski. Really thought he would have had a great chance this year, but maybe he's decided otherwise since. On top of that, it looks like Sillinger has different plans than I'd hoped as well. I wonder if these players have also been dropped or what, but either way, the 2000 age group keeps getting thinner and thinner. If Belinski and Sillinger land somewhere else in the WHL, that's gonna burn, because they're both good players and their rights could probably be packaged up in a couple deals. Krane and Paddock are the only ones from that draft class at camp. Was also hoping Reece Richmond would be here. Kind of sucks that the Pats protected list is pretty spotty on how up to date it is on the Pats site. They add players but don't remove others. One more is Seamus Keith. Big kid who could skate and did things with the puck who was here the past two camps.

    A couple of guys who look interesting... 17 year old Dman, Kevin Bachul, is 6'4" 216lbs...big kid. Dman, Steven Zonneveld, is a bigger kid as well and a top defenseman on a weaker team. Max Gudnason is shown as a D on elite, but center on the Pats roster. Either way, he's been a top penalty minute getter the past two seasons in midget. F Reid Robertson was a top player on his team last season. Was a former 8th round pick of Kelowna and also has some size.

    I have to say, the 20 year old situation could be interesting. The lone guy up front is Platt and we know he would be a good leader and will take on anybody. Maybe he can help out on the score clock, too?? We all saw his flashes here and there. The thing that intrigues me is defense. If Fleury is back, chances are he is here till trade deadline. If that's the case, is Paddock willing to cut ties with Schioler? Pouteau is probably going to wear a letter this season when he gets back, so I don't see him going anywhere, at least not till the deadline. Hyman is big and mostly reliable as well. Kind of a bigger Schioler. I wouldn't hate to see Schioler finish his career as a Pat, but of the bunch, he is kind of the bottom guy. If Fleury isn't back though, I could see Hyman being traded. I see him being traded either way, but now or later??

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    I can wholeheartedly agree that the Pats "communication department" does a very poor job communicating. The information on players from last seasons team has been pretty much non existent. Releases, players movement to other leagues i.e. Tier 2, CIAU, etc etc is also a non starter The list as posted on their website is woefully incorrect and rarely updated. Fans want to be engaged and informed which isn't happening. In some cases players have been traded and more, yet they still show up on the teams website. Since Daniel Fink left the Pats, the quality of communications has not met the standard he established. They need to do a much better job.

    Perusing the rookie crop leaves this fan somewhat underwhelmed. However when one looks at the vets and main camp that underwhelming feeling is many times greater. The defence has some solid returning vets, of whom, many or most will be eventually moved. The fate of Henry and Leschyshyn is obvious. There is very little veteran talent and it will likely end up after Jan 10th, being a team that's going to take it's lumps with the young guys. After all they're the only assets this team can count on to get them back into elite status.

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