Well folks the exhibition season is over; what does everyone think? For me personally I feel most of the various previous comments still are a pretty accurate reflection of where we are and what we are. The commentary on the various players is pretty much accurate and little has changed. Regarding rookies outside of Sedov nobody really emerged as a special player out of this pre-season. Of the vets Pratt had a pretty good pre-season but as a 19 year old that was pretty much expected and needed. Nijhoff seemed to get better with each game. Of course without Henry, Lescyshyn, Paddock, Homes and Fleury the complete package is hard to guess, however the supporting crew is thinner than I had hoped. Young Morriseau who was supposed to start his emergence really hasn't done anything with 0 points. I do believe that Dubinsky would have factored in a bit of scoring had he been able to play. It will be much harder for him to catch up without a training camp. Henry and Lescyshyn found that out last year.

The OA's are looking like it will be three d-men. Fleury remains at Montreal's camp and his contract status at this moment is an open question. Platt is reported to possibly be headed towards the Cougars.

Paddock is our obvious #1 goalie but the #2 job is still in the air in my mind. Woodside and Pesenti have both had some moments but have also been very "leaky" and neither has been really impressive. Dumba has probably been the best of the bunch but his birth certificate is going to work against him.

The forwards after Jake and Nick are very intriguing. The group we have now will likley be what's left and has to carry the team past the finish line after Jan 10th. Albeit they will have more experience by mid season.

A veteran d-corps and quality goalie can carry you a long way however as was pointed out; keeping too many older d-men at this juncture of the (rebuild aka reload) could definitely hamper the development of the quality young d-men we have coming on-stream.

NOTE: Gavlas gets 6 games for a head shot. Not defending him but it seems excessive considering he's had no trouble with league and isn't a known head-hunter. Unless the hit was extremely egregious against Patterson to where he's out a very long time, I question the penalty. I've seen guys near decapitate our kids and not even a penalty called or at worst 2 or 3 games results from it. We all remember the 1 game suspension Ottenbriet gets for his head shot on Wagner two years ago in the league final. Knowing the leagues history of gratuitous punishment against the Pats, it doesn't surprise me. I've seen this BS for many decades now under Deorksen and crew.