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Thread: 2018-2019 Regular Season

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    Default 2018-2019 Regular Season

    2 wins in to the season so time for a new thread

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    Watched the game. Team played very well for the first two periods, but not as good in the third. Sweet goal by Grieg. The first of many for this kid. Great talent. Higson has been a real rock for the team these two games and also has 4 points so far. Schneider has been very effective as well. Thompson had a couple of real good hits tonight. He is very effective if he is banging and crashing. Josh Brook is a super player for MJ on defence. When Jet Woo gets back from injury they will have two the best d-men in the league.

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    Was Bettens injured last night ? I was surprised to see him scratched. Positive weekend . They will need to clean up some stuff but a nice way to start the season .

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    [QUOTE=Kirmel;211129]Was Bettens injured last night ? I was surprised to see him scratched. Positive weekend . They will need to clean up some stuff but a nice way to start the season .[/QUOT

    Nope just a healthy scratch. This is common until the roster is final.

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    It’s not common for 18 year olds . At least not common in Brandon .

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    Hereís a remarkable stat... the wheatkings have not lost a playoff series to an east division team since 2006 vs Moose Jaw... and only twice since 2000. Thatís kind of insane. They have also opened up the playoffs against a central division team for 5 straight seasons. I also find that somewhat remarkable, considering how low the chances are of starting out vs the central. It could happen again this year if the wheatkings win the division.

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    They are not happy with Bettens. Wouldn't be surprised if they trade him for a 20 year old

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    Yea he hasn't performed much since getting to Brandon . I don't think Brandon is the top team in the Division unless one of the imports or Lewis gets returned as of now .

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    They think there is a slight chance on Lewis coming back and they sure believe Branstom is coming here but I guess we will see. I agree I don't think we will be a top team. I actually think right now we sit behind PA and Saskatoon. We have a real solid top unit and a lot of hustle in the other 3 lines. Our defense is ok but outside Higson/Schnieder it lacks experience and some oomph. On the plus side Patera looks really solid

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    PA is going to be nasty this year.

    Would imagine people would be worried about is if Lewis or Branstrom come back, and I'd have to think the plan was for Branstrom to come back but they (Vegas) just assigned Hague to the AHL, dropping them down to 8. Looks more and more like he'll be staying up. Haven't been following Lewis much, doesn't seem to have the same coverage as Vegas provides.

    Agree with the sentiment we'd need another impact player to kind of push us over ... surely that must be in the works with the bevy of Draft picks we have? We have a pretty strong starting point to build on from here.

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