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Thread: 2018/19 Season Discussion

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    Almost like the coaching staff doesn’t tell the players who is going out next till the player is already sitting on the bench. Maybe so concerned with line matching? Red Deer only had 2 or 3 players on the ice a lot during line changes last night. Even in Atom we were taught the guys going on the ice go thru the door before the other guys come off.

    Agreed on the lack of penalty call on Hagel. Should have been an easy call to make. Especially with the volume of marginal hooking calls the refs were making last night.

    Zatysev at least caused a scrum and still didn’t take the penalty.

    Hagel has 1/4 of the Rebels goals and his line has half. de Wit was generating offence for the first few games but from what I have seen lately, is content to let his line mates do all the work and go to the net for the glory (but misses the net 90% of the time when he does get the puck). I would hazard to guess if Hagel isn’t on that line, his line mates have half the points they do right now. Rebels have won a lot of close games this year. They are way under 500 without Hagel’s offence to start the season. All 4 games the Rebels have lost this year, Hagel failed to score. If he had scored in 3 of the 4 (all other things being equal) they would have had at least 3 more points right now. There is only 1 game the Rebels won where Hagel didn’t score and he had three assists that game. Like I said before, stirring the Rebel’s drink. A lot of parity between teams in the Central this year and Hagel and Anders have been the difference between winning and loosing in a pile of games to start the season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SectionNDeserter View Post
    They totally dominated the first 14 minutes or so, and then just seemed content to protect the one goal lead.

    He took one good open ice hit, and a number of other times he got shoved off the puck while trying to cut to the net and his own momentum carried him into the boards. He is going to be a target this year, but some of it is on him to be a little less reckless out there.

    Both teams need to work on their line changes I think. On two occasions Alexeyev had to skate around in his own end with the puck for ten plus seconds, shielding himself from the forecheckers with the net, while the rest of his team sloppily changed lines two or more times. Twice last night Kootenay clearly had eight players on the ice and got away with it.

    Those were the days, but they are unfortunately over.

    Campbell should get a smack upside the head for not calling the Ice for drilling Hagel into the boards well after the whistle, ten feet away from him. If they want to reduce fighting in hockey, that is fine, but there is still some onus on the on-ice officials to at least try to protect the players from getting injured.

    I find it amusing how the league deals with different players. Hagel was already drafted by the NHL, and failed to sign with his team, and is realistically playing out his eligibility in the hopes to get signed and play minor pro next year. Had that been a top prospect like Kirby Dach that got piled into the boards well after the whistle, the Ice player would have probably been taking a shower, and would have been suspended for four or five games.

    The game was tied at that point in time and tightly contested. If de Wit steps in and tries to deal with it, the other guy turtles and Kootenay gets a seven minute power play, and de Wit gets a two game vacation. Seems to me that de Wit did the right thing in the specific circumstance. If the Rebels were up by three or four goals though, I say do the officials' job for them.

    Zaytsev went in and gave him even less of a shove. Not sure what you mean here.

    I think that without Hagel they would be off to a very slow start and as the season progresses would become a team that might squeak into the playoffs.

    In their defense, they did only play three or four shifts the entire game. The second and third line guys need to start doing a better job, so that the coaching staff can roll four lines and get those guys out there more often.

    Another fine performance from him. He looked really shaky after the puck rolled up on him and got him in the throat, and they got two quick ones on him right after that. It boggles my mind that goalies in today's game are still willing to play without a neck protector.

    Dach is definitely on the leagues "thou shalt not touch" list. Saw that first hand in PA.

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    The rebels played a pretty solid game against Saskatoon. In his post game comments Sutter said he was happy with the effort and they played a solid game from start to finish. The Rebels seem to be jelling quite nicely.
    At the beginning of the season I expected the Rebels to be sellers this year. It will be interesting to see what they do if they are competing for top spot in the central. We still have a lot of games against Lethbridge and Medicine Hat so we may not be able to keep up the current pace.
    I still expect a trade of a defencemen for a forward before Christmas.
    The other promising aspect about the team is that the 3rd and 4th lines are getting more ice time then at the start of the season.

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