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Thread: November - December 2019 Games

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    Default November - December 2018 Games

    Well that was a disappointing game last night. It seemed that the Pats could just muster enough effort to dump the puck out to the neutral zone, change their lines and allow the Oil Kings to reenter the zone and cycle the puck and repeat again and again.They rarely made it into the offensive zone. Noticed that Holmes(lower body) & Morrisseau (upper body)are both out indefinitely. It was good to see Poutine back in the lineup. It's going to be long trip to BC later this month.
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    I actually didnt think last nights game was as bad as the score indicated. Pouteau is a significant upgrade on defence, he allows everyone to slot into a more realistic role. Paddock had 2-3 goals he would have liked back last night. The Pats aren't generating Grade A chances offensively so they cant survive weak goals. The Pats played more phyisical last night then usual. Hopefully they can sneak one out against the Blades.

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    It doesn't seem like it but time is flying by quickly. 25% of the season is over, and the Pats are soon headed out on the Western swing. Overall we haven't been very good but there are some good signs. Henry, Leschyshyn, Hyman are having great statistical seasons so far. Alkimhov looks like a good rookie IMO. If one were to check our "goals for" it rates right there with Everett, Vancouver and Red Deer (all division leaders). Obviously our problem is we are 30-40 goals to high in our goals against. I guess a poor start because of discipline, defence, youth, and to some degree goaltending with Max struggling somewhat. Add it all together and it leads to a tough start. Being 5-12 and soon heading out on the West trip isn't an enviable position. But as I say there are some bright spots.

    I'm ok with going out to watch Nick and Jake perform, and come to appreciate their talents as they grow in their new roles. But as time goes by quick it's worth noting that after this weekend the Pats won't play a home game until December 1st (against PA…sheesh). It could be and probably will be the last month we get to watch some of these guys in a Pats jersey. December comes and goes fast with all the tournaments, WJHC etc. Then it's on to the January 10th deadline. We will no doubt be a different looking team after that. The moral of it all is that time goes by fast...

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    The Pats are only 7 goals away from being in the top half of the league in "goals for." However, penalties are costing the Pats a league leading 1.82 goals per game. In contrast, penalties cost Prince Albert 0.35 goals per game or 1 goal approximately every three games. The Pats could give themselves a much better chance of winning hockey games if they stopped taking so many bad penalties. If we take it further, less penalties means more 5 on 5 time, which arguably means slightly more offensive production as it's easier to score goals even strength than it is being on the penalty kill. The best part about this is that improving team discipline (and thus the chances of winning hockey games) will not cost the Pats a single penny or draft pick.

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    The Pats obtained 18 year old d-man Kyle Walker today from the Silvertips. A big kid at 6'3"-190 lbs is now in the stable. It appears the Pats now have 9 d-men on the roster assuming Zonneveld is still around. It appears to me that with this acquisition something else is being planned involving a d-man. Perhaps he is an insurance policy for the post January 10th aftermath. The kid played 50 games for Everett last season and I think around 10 this season. He is from a Western Championship/WHL Finalist team and his midget team won the Alberta Championship. He has certainly been around winning teams. Probably Everett is opening up a spot for Minnoulin. I'm sure this is just the first chess piece to be moved in the next while.

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    Like the size and age of Walker. Not sure we will carry 9 D men when the forwards are healthy but “Chopper” you are probable right this is setting up some more moves

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    Default TRADE: Pats acquire 8th round draft pick from Edmonton Oil Kings for Parker Gavlas

    They are two separate trades with two different teams, but the Pats essentially traded away Parker Gavlas (19) + a 5th for Kyle Walker (18) + an 8th. The Pats now only have one right handed defenseman (Aaron Hyman) and three right handed forwards (Henry, Pratt, Mahovlich).
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    Tri-City Americans 1
    Regina Pats 5

    What a great team effort tonight from the Pats. Everyone worked hard, passes and shots were on point. There were a lot of blocked shots and Max played great in goal. The only real negative is that they took a lot of bad penalties again, which arguably costed them their first shut out since the 2016-2017 season.

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    I was impressed with the time the 2nd and 3rd line had in the O zone. Nijhoff and Krane line were not rewarded but IMO s
    Cycled well, fore checked well but as you said everyone contributed

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWAH View Post
    I was impressed with the time the 2nd and 3rd line had in the O zone. Nijhoff and Krane line were not rewarded but IMO s
    Cycled well, fore checked well but as you said everyone contributed
    I am a fan of Krane. I really like his game.

    Some interesting things going forward. The Pats have called up Mitchell for the road trip. They are carrying 9 d-man? They already have a 17 year old that can’t get into the line up and a d-man playing forward. I would have thought a call out to a forward would have been done.

    I think that a forward spot would be open. Quite frankly, I would be shocked to see Morrisseau play again. I am hoping it was more of a neck injury, but seeing a player on the ice and not moving for a couple of minutes is never a good thing. All I know, if he was my kid ....

    Walker seems like a good pick up.

    And the last thing, I was reading that Adam Brooks has been sitting out because of a heart issue. Hopefully, they can get that in check so he can resume his career.

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