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Thread: November - December 2019 Games

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    I see the Pats have added 19 year old forward Sebastian STREU who is currently playing for the Vernon Vipers. The release from the Pats says he will be with the team for the remainder of the season. It would seem from this addition that the Pats have a long term injury in either Morriseau or Holmes. I don't know who is the more seriously injured of the two, but sure looks like one is. This guys is not a big point man but obviously the Pats must see something in him as a depth player, and it didn't cost them anything. It's worth noting that he was selected for Team Germany for the upcoming WJHC.
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    I wouldn't be quick to link the signing to a year long injury. The reality is that some quality forwards will likely be heading out the door at some point. Combine that with even short term injuries and the signing makes sense. If he is on Team Germany, he will miss 3 weeks to a month anyways.

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    I don't think it's a news flash that some of the elite guys will be out the door at some point. Everybody know that! Reality is they will likely need to take back some forwards as well as draft picks from the teams they deal with. Paddock will want picks but he also wants some players who can play here after Jan 10th. Word around the rink is that Morriseau is severely concussed…again! It's about the 4th in two years going back to 2016 including the season ending one in Spokane. The Pats shut Dryden Hunt down in a somewhat similar situation. If Morriseau, Holmes or perhaps both were available I question whether or not Streu is ever added for the season.

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