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Thread: November - December 2019 Games

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    I see the Pats have added 19 year old forward Sebastian STREU who is currently playing for the Vernon Vipers. The release from the Pats says he will be with the team for the remainder of the season. It would seem from this addition that the Pats have a long term injury in either Morriseau or Holmes. I don't know who is the more seriously injured of the two, but sure looks like one is. This guys is not a big point man but obviously the Pats must see something in him as a depth player, and it didn't cost them anything. It's worth noting that he was selected for Team Germany for the upcoming WJHC.
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    I wouldn't be quick to link the signing to a year long injury. The reality is that some quality forwards will likely be heading out the door at some point. Combine that with even short term injuries and the signing makes sense. If he is on Team Germany, he will miss 3 weeks to a month anyways.

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    I don't think it's a news flash that some of the elite guys will be out the door at some point. Everybody know that! Reality is they will likely need to take back some forwards as well as draft picks from the teams they deal with. Paddock will want picks but he also wants some players who can play here after Jan 10th. Word around the rink is that Morriseau is severely concussed…again! It's about the 4th in two years going back to 2016 including the season ending one in Spokane. The Pats shut Dryden Hunt down in a somewhat similar situation. If Morriseau, Holmes or perhaps both were available I question whether or not Streu is ever added for the season.

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    The boys are 0-3 and it"s been a hellish bad start for the Pats on this road trip. I watched all the games and was terribly disappointed. Struch described the Kootenay game as our worst of the season. He may want to reconsider that judgement after the Vancouver game. What to say! They were better against Victoria, however the Royals were also missing their two top players.

    I hoped that we had perhaps turned the corner with those three wins in a row but that was obviously wishful thinking on my part I guess. Morriseau and Holmes weren't there the last two games, but again they weren't there for the last three wins either.

    The discipline issue is at the forefront again. In the last three games they have had 20 minor penalties , given up 5 PP goals and 1 shorthanded goal. In the Vancouver game our starting goalie was gone before the end of the 1st period giving up 4 goals on 15 shots.

    It wouldn't be fair to blame this on any one aspect of our game, but there are some ongoing defects that continue to show up time and time again. We have to be a hard working team every game. When we aren't we're not very good. We also have to play 5 on 5 hockey or we're in big trouble. After last nights's game Struch lamented that we need to play 5 on 5 and when we do we can play with most teams. He said that when we are killing penalties it zaps the energy of our better players. Then when they go to offence, they have nothing left. This is the 5th year in a row where discipline is once again a very big issue. The coaches and/or management are either unwilling or unable to take whatever measures are necessary to bring this lack of discipline under control. Admitting the problem as it has been means nothing. The action required is correcting the problem.

    When you watch the games, the attitude of some players when it comes to discipline, and the control of the team, it seems like there is something more at issue here. I'm not sure what it is but something seems off. We have some veterans on this team and the rookies have over 20 games under their belts, so I can't lay this solely on youth. A lot of other teams have a similar number of rookies, and some of those teams are doing quite well. I sense there is a problem but I don't know what it is.
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    The Pats lost most of their high end talent in the off season, they have the second worst record in the WHL right now and must be sellers at the deadline, so I'm not sure that there are too many corners for them to turn this year. The best way to help themselves is to stay out of the penalty box and they don't seem to want to do that. Of course, they need to work hard and make good plays as well. I agree that acknowledging the problem means nothing if there is not any follow up action to correct it. The Pats have had discipline problems for years and the coaches have failed to fix the problem. And now that the team no longer has the talent in order to compensate for their lack of discipline, it's making it extremely difficult to compete.

    Also, that Western road trip is always tough, even during the best of times.

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    Last night's game was a typical game between two bad teams. Unfortunately the penalty bug bit them again and two PP goals against in the 2nd period sunk them. Struch was once again unhappy with the bad penalties, that for all intents and purposes cost them the game. It's a common refrain regarding the lack of discipline but something that seems to be woven into the fabric of the team. On Tuesday night they pretty much stayed out of the box, played smart simple hockey, and escaped with a win. That was very doable again against a poor team like Kelowna but that was not to be. 1 win seems like a good accomplishment for a team that has such bad team stats in all the important categories; PP, PK, PIM. If they could steal one out of PG on Friday that would have to be considered a good trip IMO.

    The bright spot has been the play of Henry and Leschyshyn who continue to produce big for the team. The trade deadline is coming fast and their value should continue to grow, particularly if they both are in or near the top 10 in scoring at the Xmas break.

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    How much do you really think teams will give up for those two players who would basically be two month rentals? Don't get your hopes up too high!!!

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    Here's a trade in the OHL Kingston sends two players to Niagara for two players and 11 draft picks (4-2nd round)(3-3rd round)(1-5th) a 7th 11th and 13th in the 2019 to 2023 draft years dont forget in the O you can not trade 1st round picks

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    Here's another from the OHL Windor has an offer for Michael DiPietro that includes 8 2nd round picks. easay to see why the OHL team at the M-Cup are loaded up

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    The Pats lost 5-3 in Prince George last night to the Cougars, but Nick Henry is now tied for 4th in the league in scoring after scoring another hat trick. Him and Jake Leschyshyn have been lighting it up this year.

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