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Thread: November - December 2019 Games

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    The Pats lost 5-3 in Prince George last night to the Cougars, but Nick Henry is now tied for 4th in the league in scoring after scoring another hat trick. Him and Jake Leschyshyn have been lighting it up this year.
    And they better move them for premium value.

    To be honest the team here is doing better than I figured they would. But we have to start thinking about what's next. To put things in perspective, after this Kyle walker trade, the highest pick the pats currently have for next draft is a 7th rounder, albeit likely a high one. It used to be that fifth before the trade. It's kind of funny, but it's still not good enough.

    As far as im concerned, everyone born in the previous millenium should be available. Jake, Hank, Hyman, Pratt, Streu(why not) maybe even Holmes and for the right price, Paddock. All of them. Pouteau could fetch something too, but its not worth moving him for a 7th rounder or something stupid. Same with Schioler if anyone bites. Morrisseau, if his injury is as bad as the rumors say, should be sent to Brandon on conditionals.

    We can keep someone around as a potential OA for next year. But they should all have a price. Mahovlich will be some good toughness, holmes/Pratt can provide offence and experience, and then we can find another one in the off-season. Sell off the rest for picks and whatever young roster players the new dumb rules will let us take. Afrer the 10th, we should get MINIMUM two firsts, a good young forward + a good young D. I expect some seconds/thirds/miscellaneous, and those other picks will come but we need quality over quantity.

    After this deadline we won't have any major assets to move next year barring any breakout seasons. This deadline must be an active one.

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    I concur that there are no sacred cows…..

    If somebody wants something we got and the return is good, make the moves. Obviously Henry and Lescyshyn are no brainers, probably Hyman (point per game d-man), possibly but unlikely Paddock. Schioler and Pouteau perhaps but I think they keep Pouteau as a possible Captain for the second half. Likely Pratt and Holmes are kept as OA's for next year. An OA d-man with a right shot would be nice…oh ya we gave Gavlas away for a 8th rounder…sheeshh. He was an effective d-man.

    Based on what's going on in the OHL regarding trades the return should be strong. However based on JP's body of work on the trade front I'm more than uneasy with his valuation of players and opinions of acceptable returns.

    My view of expectations is somewhat opposed to common narrative. The one win in six games is about what some expected after we seen what this team was all about out of the gate. I think based on reports over the summer from JP and others that this team could compete for a playoff spot, based on their play and results that certainly won't materialize. IMO based on that early prognosis, the overall play of this team to date is somewhat disappointing. After all they have three OA d-men, two of the top forwards in the league, an all-star team goalie from the Memorial Cup, several returning veteran guys, yet they play more often than not far below the talent and experience they have. A lot of teams didn't have that talent available to them yet are doing much better.

    Struch had a tough year in Saskatoon after their Memorial Cup year. Paddock said that likely wouldn't happen this year because we had more experience, depth, and talent returning. Yet here we are with our HC having the same kind of season he had in Saskatoon…interesting! As opposed to making the playoffs we are more apt to be in a position to win the #1 overall Bantam pick… belonging to Saskatoon.

    The upcoming trade deadline is critical for this organization. Properly handled with the right returns could mean we come out of this in a few years. Handled wrong could mean several more years of futility. Draft picks are at least two years away from playing here when drafted and two or three from there before they are true impact guys. There is a ton of work that needs to happen here. Getting some top bantam picks back is a start along with a real high Import pick. They also have to find a way to get the likes of Dubinsky and Massier going. Alkhimov looks like he will be OK but no other rookie forward is doing anything. They have been hoping for that diamond in the rough but it hasn't happened. Jan 10th is coming quick and supposedly we should know the road map, and direction of our future a little better from that point. The organizations mantra of "sustained success" is going to be hard to live up to. What should have been a reload appears to have turned into a full rebuild. Losing six first rounders in two years, along with a ton of other picks and prospects, will cause that. Bruce Hamilton in Kelowna said in a interview that his teams record and poor play this year is rooted in the Leon Drisatl trade in 2015 where he gave up a 1st, and 2-4th round picks along with a couple players. Try doing that two or three times in a couple seasons and it's not hard to see we're in a very tough spot. That makes this years trade deadline so critical.
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    With the new trade rules I don't expect any immediate help to come from the trade dead line after all teams can only trade (18s if they ask) 19s and 20. If we trade 3 or 4 19s and 20 we get back 3 or 4 19s or 20 that re not as good as the ones we trade and some draft picks. as Chopper said draft picks are 3 or more years away from impact players. How ever You can trade unsigned players but the receiving team is taking a larger risk that they can sign the player. (the Pats got Henry that way) so not out of the question but increased risk. I'm thinking the Pats will be bottom dwellers for 2 or 3 years not quite "sustained success"
    If anyone has a better understanding of the new trade restrictions please post
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    There are no restrictions on 18 year's 17 years olds that can only be traded if they request it. I've heard a few times now though that the 2001s are exempt from this this season as they came into the league before the new rules were put in place. If so, that helps a bit as the Pats would likely take a couple strong 17s. Wouldn't be shocked if they added a strong 18 year old either...but the younger the better right now. I'd say the top objective would be to replenish some draft picks. Three or four picks in the top 2-3 rounds should probably be high on the list as well. Let's hope Saskatoon wants to add this season and the Pats can get their 1st rounder back for the 2019 draft! (If they do, in fact, still own that pick and wasn't the 1st rounder sent to Victoria for Florchuk...)

    *just saw that Luc Smith got traded to Spokane for Jeff Faith, a 3rd in 2020, and 6th in 2020. Not a bad return for Smith.

    **ALSO... Nolan Kneen traded to Saskatoon for Caller, a 2nd in 2020(Pats pick) and a 3rd in 2020 (maybe this already answers my question about S'toon??)
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    Hyman to Tri Cities for a 3rd and Clayton.

    Good value for Hyman and he goes to a good team.

    I would have settled for the 3rd rounder, but Clayton needed a home to finish up his WHL career. And the Pats need some forward help.

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    Hyman trade appears to be reasonable….he turned himself into quite a good player this season. I'm thinking he will continue to flourish in Tri-Cities.

    JP typically likes to get trades done before the deadline. This may just be the first shoe to drop in what might turn out to be, a very busy upcoming few weeks.

    I didn't see Tri-Cities as being a player in the trade market but I guess it goes to show that you never know.

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    Well...I'm glad we at least made a move. Who knows? It may have been motivated or even prompted by seeing forums like these talk about him (or other GMs acting...).

    It's a small step forward and frees up minutes for young dmen. However, if this is the type of value to expect at this juncture, then i hope we wait closer to the deadline when teams get more desperate. It might be that scouts feel this Bantam draft is a weaker group; all across the board, it seems that prices for picks are lower than they were years before. But to me, this left me underwhelmed. I expected a prospect with a pick, instead of a new 20.

    Thankfully there should be a bigger market and desire for the forwards. Jake and hank are likely near the top in deadline sweepstakes prizes.

    In regards to hyman, we traded Owen Williams and a 2nd and made out with a 3rd plus a fringe 20 year old. Although that seems to be the cost of doing business for 1 1/2 years of a top 4 shutdown D, we still moved our one ppg puck moving D we have for a single 3rd(though I don't expect him to maintain the production).

    Hopefully pouteau and perhaps sedov can fill the void here. And Evans gets some chances. After all that is the point of this move.

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    The Pats didn't get a 2nd round draft pick in return for Aaron Hyman, but a 3rd is better than nothing and they should still be able to draft a good player in the 3rd round.

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    Well, that was a blockbuster. Nick and Jake to Lethbridge for a 19 and 18 year olds and a boat full of draft picks, including 2 first rounders.

    I agree with Paddock, this was too good to turn down.

    This kind of came out of the blue. I can understand why Lethbridge went down this road. I thought they would have a much better record than where they stand now. They have been very inconsistent and with some of their top end guys going high in the NHL draft, who knows how long they will be in the WHL?

    So much for my sources .... I was hearing PA had interest in Jake and Kelowna was kicking tires for Nick. Just goes to show ya ... I know next to nothing.

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    Swift Currents 1st round pick in 2020 could put the Pats in the draft lottery and a chance for the # 1 overall just speculating that Swift will not make the playoffs next season

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