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Thread: January 2019

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    There will in all likelihood be some very tough decisions going forward. In fact even the balance of this season will be interesting. Right now the Pats have 7 d-men and Evans is expected back in a couple weeks. Since they have signed Mitchell and brought him up for the balance of the season, it would appear that someone will need to be sent down in order to get playing time. The fact that Zonneveld and Feist in particular have stepped in and done very well make it move difficult. In light of their rather pedestrian play one might be tempted to move out one of the OA d-men to give the young guys the extra reps. That of course is unlikely to happen with JP.

    Looking to next season the Pats are set up to return Walker, Evans, Feist, Zonneveld, Sedov and Mitchell. That's 6 d-men who could possibly return. I sense there will be some modification to that group by the time the dust settles.

    Locating/signing/acquiring etc some offensively gifted forwards appears to be an obvious need. Streu and Pratt look to be pretty good bets to return as OA's. Streu has been scoring at a .71 ppg and that should translate to at least 50 points next year. A quality OA scorer or stud d-man may be an order for the other OA. I think rookies Alkimhov, Krane and Nijhoff (sort of rookie) have done fairly well up front. Massier, Wright, and Dubinsky have a ways to catch up. Morriseau although not a rookie hasn't played much and is a complete mystery. The last two years draft classes offer more questions than answers IMO.

    I noticed that on the weekly report Max Paddock has been changed to "indefinite" regarding his illness. Did he not have an illness last year at about the same time? Very unfortunate and untimely for both he and the team.

    The walk back to your car is a lot colder this year with the way these games are unfolding. The one night we get 9 pp's we still lose..egads! Chris Jones resigned and has now left for the Browns, Rod Pedersen is resigning as the voice of the Riders so things in sport change quickly and surprisingly. At this juncture it's hard to say what will be and what won't. I do believe that a lot more and a lot harder work will be needed to assemble a team for next season. It won't happen this year but next season they should have a third coach behind the bench handling the d-corps. They really have a big challenge in front of them and nothing taken for granted.

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    It's been pretty quiet on the team's home front. Nothing from the team or LP which is quite strange. The team's play notwithstanding it's youth has been at best uninspired with only scattered glimpses of hopefulness. Beyond the youth aspect a lot of hockey people I know feel there are still lots of concerns, perhaps even beyond the current and upcoming players. The recovered draft picks while obviously helpful and needed, are still several years away from being impactful for the team. A lot of things need to happen and go right, for this team to even become relevant over the next couple of seasons.

    It was surprising to see both Erik Gardiner and Liam Hughes retire from hockey while both of their teams are doing pretty good. It's an extremely big blow to Lethbridge who made the big trades with Regina to compete or even go for it all. Then they trade for Hughes to solidify their goaltending and all of a sudden…poof. They now have two young goalies and their chances have taken a big hit. I noted that Max Paddock is still listed as "indefinite" regarding his illness. There has been zero information on him. I've heard nothing on Morriseau either. He's not even listed on the Weekly Report. He went from "Indefinite" to not being listed at all. I surmise that he must have been shut down for the season but they usually say "season ending". Pesenti is back to Midget and Woodside is now up. Without Max I can't see to many wins the rest of the way. It sadly does appear we may rival the awful 2005 season.
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    Everybody a few years back including myself were perplexed when paddock didnt seem to want to bring gardiner aboard as a 16 year old, nevermind a 17. He had the size shot and stats for both years, and we had room on the roster, but the brass clearly didnt see a good fit here unlike holmes who didn't have the same skills but was more versatile and mentally prepared than gardiner.

    Doesn’t seem like much changed after two yrs, and id say the staff made the right call with the trade, though moving him to a more successful program didnt seem to do much for him. Yeah, hilsendager looked to end up being the best player in that trade(despite being a throw in)...but it was unlikely he wouldve found the extra gear here like in kelowna. Sometimes thats just how it is with scenary changes...and though Smart had a very similar fate to gardiner(looks like he left his team in kootenay as well) he was still better for us in a position we needed filled, and of course he was a notable piece to the Fleury trade(cant say they wouldve wanted gardiner). At least in both cases we were able to salvage degrading assets and have coaches who make the unpopular decisions swiftly

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    Just read on the LP that Morriseau has been shut down for the season. Considering this is his third or fourth concussion it is absolutely the right thing to do. His health long term is more important than the game. It sounds like they will have discussions in the off season to see if he is ready mentally and physically ready to try again. There have have been success stories in the past regarding players coming back and doing well. There are also those who have decided that the risks outweigh the benefits and decided to pursue their lives in another direction. Considering what this young man has been through one can only wish him the best.

    And an up note is that Max Paddock's illness has been moved from indefinite to day to day, and has returned to practicing with the team. That is good news for the team if he is able to return playing. He is clearly the best goalie we have both roster wise and prospect wise. In this season it's a bit of good news. Ryker Evans should soon be ready to resume playing. He was one of brighter lights before his injury. Good to see them both back.

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    Oh my God, it seems like we've been living in a deep freeze this year. Hope everyone is Ok.

    While it's been been very difficult to find much to be happy about this season when it come to the Pats, this latest road trip has gone exceptionally well. No matter what happens in Edmonton they will be at least .500….win

    It's nice to see Kolle do what he's doing. He is capable of this and it's what many thought he could bring. Blake Allan is staring to contribute and do some positive things.

    To me seeing Ryker Evans play starting to elevate is encouraging. As he gets bigger and stronger he will be a force. He has great offensive instincts and is learning how to play defence quite well. We really missed him while he was on injury.

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