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Thread: January 2019

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    Also reider makes a good point on the memorial cup players next year. Kelowna usually values goaltending development lower than their skaters. They may decide to make it easy and just pick up some goalie next deadline and pay big for it.

    The other '99s will also have higher value considering teams will have men cup aspirations, especially if kelowna decides our old pal Erik Gardiner wouldn't be the 20 yr old going forward. Who knows, maybe Holmes will take his spot on yet another team?

    It depends on what the offers look like. I still think we keep an open mind, since it's possible these years won't be replicated.

    I think the best policy all around is to still have a price in mind for players right now, but to keep them unless we see a package we like. After the Jake and hank trade, we certainly aren't desperate to get just any assets thrown at us. We now have leverage to balk at proposals and wait another year.

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    I read that Allen was getting little playing time in Cranbrook, even with the young line up. Would be nice if the change in scenery and likely better ice time opportunities prove beneficial to him. Good size too.

    As for Feist , he could turn into a solid player. He's got good size also and is a right shot. That was definitely needed. I was choked when i saw Ladyman was listed by Spokane I'm the fall. He looked good in Pats camps. I figured maybe he was thinking college as well. Then to make it worse, he signed just before playing against the Pats! But, I was surprised by how small he was. He did not look like he was 5'11". He was smaller that Evans and he was listed at 5'10" at the beginning of the year when they played. I think they were being generous on Ladyman's size. Either way, the Pats already had a smaller guy in Evans and at the time, Creta, so it didn't hurt near as much. Plus, I'd prefer the Pats to have more size on the backend now. Unless that small defenseman is pretty well like a forward, no thanks. Also, Evans has to have grown since then as well and isn't near as small as he used to be. And he's strong. Let's hope Feist can be solid like Walker.

    Will also just say, super happy with the Mahovlich trade. I knew he'd get traded somewhere (was thinking Red Deer), but to work it out to get a 3rd rounder in the deal was huge. Pats are set for this coming draft now. I'm thinking one more of the 19 year olds will move as well. Could see Holmes ending up in Alberta to. Wonder what Edmonton is going to do??

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    Pats trade Joseph for a 2nd this year and an 8th next year. I like the return. With flipping Joseph, it means the Pats trade Nick and Jake for Kolle, two first rounders, a third, a fourth, and two eight rounder. The cupboard for this year is now over filled for the draft. In 2020, the Pats still dont have a 2nd, 3rd or 5th....but they have an extra two thirds this year. Draft cupboards officially can be declared restocked.

    I am going to also slightly disagree that guys like Holmes and Pratt would get more value next year when Kelowna hosts the Memorial Cup. 20 year olds (unless elite) always go at a discount price. The top teams want the elite guys, while other teams have no interest. Of course the Pats had to pay the price for a guy like Hajek but he was elite. Maybe Holmes or Pratt will reach a higher level, but right now I wouldn't call them elite. Therefore the value might be more for a team that wants them for this year and next year. Just my two cents.

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    The Pats got a 2nd in 2019 and a 6th in 2020 for Jaden Joseph, not an 8th.

    You could be right about the 99's being more valuable this year than next, especially if they are not producing next year, for the simple fact that they'll be OA's next year. But in general the trade market should be stronger next year and specifically, since the off season, I've mostly been thinking about holding off until next year to trade Max Paddock as he'll be 19 next year.

    As for Holmes and Pratt, they will need to produce next year (and the rest of this year) in order to get a good return. Pratt is on pace for 25+ goals this year. If he keeps his upward trajectory, he should be worth something next year to some team for sure. The fact that he's a big body will not hurt his value at all. A big OA frame that can produce should be valuable next year for sure. As for Holmes, he'll have to produce and continue his upward trajectory as well.

    Either way, as you stated, the Pats are in pretty good shape with their draft picks. They're more than stocked for 2019, but they're missing a 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th in 2020 (they have 2 6th rounders). However, they still have Pratt, Holmes and Max Paddock etc., so if they can get a nice return on one or all three of them over the next 12 months, they could potentially solidify their 2020 draft picks as well.
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    Deadline day tomorrow. Any last min deals?

    For the price hofer went for(a deal any pats fan should be happy with), maybe paddock wont *completely* rule out dealing his nephew. One of our veteran D could fetch a decent surprise deal. Contending teams never can have enough back end depth.

    I feel pratt and holmes will probably stay to be OAs next year, but they should still have a price, and maybe even consider moving the rights to smilanic and savoie. It doesnt seem like theres much else, but all these guys should have a price.

    Remember that its not your average rebuild year.

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    The Pats traded Robbie Holmes to the Everett Silvertips for:

    Sloan Stanick
    2nd Rnd. ’20
    6th Rnd. ’22

    It was a good trade for both teams and for Robbie Holmes. I think the Pats planned on keeping Holmes for next year as an OA and were definitely not willing to give him away. However, it was a trade that the Pats could not refuse and Everett gains an experienced solid veteran forward for their playoff run. Of course, it's also good for Holmes as it gives him another opportunity to play for a contending team. The Pats were missing a 2nd round pick in 2020, so getting that pick was huge. Sloan Stanick (age 15) has 24 points (12g-12a) in his first year of Midget AAA. The 6th in 2022 doesn't hurt either.
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    After taking some time to assess and digest all of the trades that happened, I think we can move forward not as bad off as expected by some. A lot of fans including some Pats fans thought we wouldn't recover anything close to what was recovered. Returns like a third for Mahovlich were among some pretty stout and surprising returns. We have 2019 covered and with another move or two within the next 12 months will fill out 2020 as well. The draft picks are great to have and good teams need to utilize the draft to build, by having full picks and having some astute scouting. It's how teams build depth and right now that is what is hurting us more than anything. 2019 and 2020 picks are along way off and as and organization we can't just simply wait for them to arrive. That's not how teams build championship teams. JP and crew have to find some talent and pull off some shrewd moves to create a team that can at least be competitive and be a playoff contender. A number of good teams in this league don't fall into the abyss after a good year or two. Portland is a case in point example of sustained success. There is no reason why we should be anything less than they are.

    It wasn't a great feeling walking out of a 9-4 loss in that you could see that quite a few guys didn't give it their all. Muntain stated it in his post game comments and Struch did as well in the LP. I'm hoping the guys don't take the easy way out and realize they all have something to play for. Kids like Alkhimov, Krane, Nijhoff and Feist look to have good potential. Alkhimov looks like he may be a big time player next year. IMO the biggest disappointment is the play of our veteran d-men who often look like they are just playing out the string. They've been getting beat like rented mules all season and are not the mentors they were supposed to be to our young guys. With all the young d-men it would be ideal if they could add a coach to strictly work with the d-men. Someone who has played the position and could impart some valuable insight to them. Hopefully we can win some games becuase just like winning is contagious, so is losing! At this point I know that a great many fans are more looking forward to the off season and next years team. With a couple shrewd moves, a few breakout years, and a high end pick in the Import Draft, will start to get the buzz going again.

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    What can we do wth a high end import draft pick? I think if we have two slots spoken for, we get bypassed, no?

    Besides, the last time we released a promising import Dman, he ended up going PPG and getting signed to an entry level contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some_Arrogant_Jerk View Post
    What can we do wth a high end import draft pick? I think if we have two slots spoken for, we get bypassed, no?

    Besides, the last time we released a promising import Dman, he ended up going PPG and getting signed to an entry level contract.

    We would need to have an Import slot available for sure to be able to select. However we don't need to make that decision until July and lots can happen between now and then.

    Sedov is a "decent' rookie d-man but he is not near as good a Zamula was at the same point last season. This was all about Hajek and what he was supposed to provide. Zamula was −1 with us and +1 with Calgary last year. He was a plus d-man on a Calgary team that only had 24 wins all season. As far as rookie d-men Feist, Zonneveld, and Evans all appear to be performing at a better level. Sedov has 7 points and is a −18. Zonneveld has 5 points and is +4, Feist has 6 points and is a −3, and Evans (injured) has 4 pts and is −4. Bottom line is that Sedov is not Zamula, and perhaps the least impressive of all our rookie d-men.

    This year the Pats can hang onto what they got as far as Imports are concerned. They have to weigh that against perhaps selecting in the top 10 of the Import Draft and getting an elite player or passing on it. The Pats haven't had many opportunities to pick that high in the Import Draft and a good pick in the top ten could change the direction of the franchise. Otherwise they walk away from it and hand it to the next worst team and hope it doesn't bite them in the butt for the next three years. With the plethora of young d-men the Pats have along with the likes of McGinley waiting in the wings and perhaps even Panowyk, defense isn't our most pressing need. We have no pure high end offensive guys on the roster or in the wings. Getting Bohlsen and Savoie would be nice but in both cases it looks like they are headed NCAA. A Blichfeld type player would look pretty good on our team I think. We need some quality offensive forwards and getting one high in the Import Draft might be a way to get one. But of course we can also just pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopper View Post
    Hard to deny you got some good points. Having good depth on D is a good reason, and a possible chance at an high end player at the right position is another good reason. And maybe he is no Zamula.

    I'm not sure if sedov is really behind these other kids. He started well, and i think he has good whl upside...but being a euro he is still most likely a three year player instead of potentially 4 yr like Evans and the lot of them.

    One concern I still have, assuming other teams don't do this too, is to develop a reputation as a team who dumps these European kids once it seems something better comes along. Having these kids report isn't an issue for us right now, but perhaps it could make kids reluctant to invest into the team if we are known to throw fish back into the water too often.

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