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Thread: Regina Pats Podcast

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    Our newest episode is now available, you'll definitely want to listen all the way to the end.

    Preview clip is here

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    Our season wrap up episode is out, Kevin @theblueliner joins us this week. It is avaliable here

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    We have a great interview with Brayden from Draft Geek in our latest episode. He and his team do amazing work scouting these kids who are eligible for the draft. We also discuss a few other things.

    The episode is avaliable here as well as iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher or a podcast app

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    We discussed the 19/20 schedule, the import draft and a few other things this week

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    Daniil Gushchin (5'8, 161lbs) is not similar in size to Sergei Alkhimov. Alkhimov (5'11, 213lbs) is 3 inches taller and 52 lbs heavier than Gushchin. If you want to compare Gushchin's frame/size to anyone's on the Pats, the closest would be Cole Dubinsky (5'8 170lbs). Gushchin and Dubinsky are both about the same height (approximately 5'8), but Dubinsky (170lbs) is approximately 9lbs heavier than Gushchin (161lbs). But you are right that Guschin arguably has a higher ceiling than Alkhimov as he is projected to be a potential late first round NHL draft pick next year by some people.

    The Pats should hand out more fridge magnet schedules on fridge magnet night this year. It didn't seem like they handed out very many last year.

    If the Pats play the Hitmen in an outdoor game, they're not going to get very many fans if they charge 10x the normal ticket prices.

    There should be some healthy competition at forward at camp this year. It would be great if Ty Smilanic reported this year, but I think the earliest he would report is next year, if he ever reports at all. It sounds like he's going to play one more year of USHL (this year), then he'll have to decide whether he wants to play NCAA or WHL next year.

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