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Thread: 2019 Off-Season Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsquared View Post
    Still interested to see what the Pats do in the import draft - do they try to upgrade at 1 position or stand pat?
    I think they have to. With where they draft, they have a chance at an impact player. If you can get a guy that can score 30 to 40 goals or a top 2 Defenseman, it would significantly upgrade next years team.

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    A few things to discuss
    1) Pats trade Allkhimov to Victoria for Holt...Conditional picks both ways. This has me excited for the import draft. While many of us liked Alkhimov, thought he had upside....we are hoping to get someone Elite tomorrow. Holt should be an adequate addition, but this is more about gaining space to draft an import.

    2) Schedule released today.....first thing I looked for was to see if the Pats played on the weekend of the outdoor NHL game. They conveniently play Calgary on the day after.....lets hope that it is outdoors. I am actually a Flames fan that would love to go to the outdoor game.....but I have another commitment that I cant get out I miss the game Saturday. Would be the nice to be part of it Sunday with the Pats. Has anyone heard anything?

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    Default Pats take Danil Gushchin in Import Draft

    A lot of us hated to see Alkimhov go as he had great potential and was likely headed to a 20 goal+ season for us. However by a number of indications the Pats got that offensive forward they were hoping for today. They selected Danil Gushchin (17) who is 5'8" - 160 lbs. He is by many accounts a very dynamic player. He has played as an underage for Russia in the U17 and U18 categories. He played last year as an underage (16) in the USHL and had 16 goals+20 assists = 36 pts in 51 games. He is a goal scorer but evidently makes incredible passes. Very fast and enormously talented with a big upside. Some NHL prospect writers say he has potential to be a late 1st rounder in the 2020 NHL Draft. Nevertheless he should be an early pick. Hopefully the Pats can get him to report and signed. He has played in North America which is a positive sign.

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    Daniil Gushchin - Smaller skilled / dynamic forward, projected to be drafted in the first round in next year's NHL draft. I'm not too concerned about his age (17) or size as he has been playing against older / bigger players and has been having success. I watched some of his highlights online and he does lot of good things. He can shoot, pass, skate with the puck, he goes to the net, dekes players, dekes the goaltender, dekes the goaltender without much space. I'm not sure how he is defensively or physically, but offensively, he looks like he has all of the tools to produce a lot of points as a play maker and goal scorer. The Regina Pats will be a good fit for him as they are an offensive minded team and are good at developing skilled players.

    The Pats lost Brett Clayton to free agency and Sergei Alkhimov via trade, but they acquired Dawson Holt (via trade) and Daniil Gushchin (import draft). Their defensive core (other than losing Brady Pouteau and Liam Schioler) and goaltending tandem are both in tact. As chopper stated, the Pats just need to get Gushchin to report and sign.

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    The Pats re-acquired Robbie Holmes today.

    Robbie Holmes and Austin Pratt should be OA's this year for sure, leaving Sebastian Streu and Dawson Holt to battle it out for the third OA spot.

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    Holmes is a good acquisition for this team and for this season. He never really found his traction in Everett until playoffs. He was arguably one of their better player in the playoffs. The Pats will have to find a way to backfill a 5th and 6th in next years draft though. Good to see him back.

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    When you're sitting around grilling and chilling it's hard to think that training camp begins in about 6 weeks or so. JP has assembled what looks like a fairly solid group of OA's which will add a lot of character to the team. I feel at times last year that was something we lacked from our forward group. I think most believe that they will be Pratt, Holmes and Holt. Barring a trade or something else Strue might be in tough to be one of the OA's. Losing Alkimhov was a blow but getting Gushchin (if he comes) is a coup of sorts. He has big upside and considered to be a possible 1st rounder in next years NHL Draft. Very quietly and somewhat under the radar, JP is starting to assemble a bunch of interesting pieces. Dubinsky and Krane should make big strides this year, Kolle will hit 20 goals, and hopefully some of the rookies have breakout years. Adding Englot and Holmes makes the team bigger once again. It wouldn't surprise me to see another move or two between now and the end of the exhibition season. With their goaltending tandem back they should be quite solid. Outside of the OA's all the defence will be back although their lack of experience will be something the team has to work through.

    I feel there will be some renewed interest this August particularly if Gushchin signs on. I'm very interested in having a look at this kid.

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    The Pats are getting most of their players back from last season. They'll all be a year older and a bit more experienced. Secondly, the leadership structure has changed a bit, which should arguably aid in increasing offensive production. The Pats finished last season with two OA defensemen (Pouteau, Schioler) and one forward (Clayton). This season it looks like the Pats will have 3 OA forwards, at least two 19 year old forwards with the potential to score 20 goals each and two skilled 17 year old's with potential.

    Austin Pratt - Scored 25 goals last season. 30+ goals is not out of the realm of possibilities this year.
    Robbie Holmes - Only scored 12 in the regular season last year, but he scored 9 goals in 24 games with the Pats before being traded to Everett, which means he was on pace to score 25.5 goals in a Pats uniform if he played all 68 games. Holmes definitely has the potential to be a 20+ goal scorer for the Pats this year and I expect him to wear a letter and have a really good season.
    Dawson Holt - He only scored 6 goals in the regular season last year (in 53 games), but he scored 7 in the playoffs in 22 games. Sometimes a change of scenery can be good for players. It certainly was for Dawson Leedahl. Hopefully it is for Dawson Holt too.
    Sebastian Streu - His pts/g was almost double that of Holts in the regular season last year (.61 vs. .36), but he's going to have to battle the other 3 potential OA's for a spot on the roster.

    Ty Kolle (19) should be able to score 20 goals this year after scoring 16 last year.

    Riley Crane is a 19 year old player that the Pats will want / need to take a big step forward this year after scoring 12 goals last year in his 18 year old rookie season.

    Cole Dubinsky - He only scored 5 goals in his 16 year old rookie season last year, but his skill set started to shine towards the end of the season and he started to build chemistry with Sergei Alkhimov. Cole should score at least 10 goals this year, but with a full camp and perhaps a bigger role on the team, he has the potential to exceed that.

    Daniil Gushchin - He will be in his 17 year old rookie season if he signs and reports. He is projected to be a late first round NHL draft pick. Sam Steel was drafted 30th overall and scored 23 goals in his 17 year old season. Brayden Tracey was drafted 29th overall this year and scored 36 goals in his 17 year old rookie season last year. I haven't seen Gushchin skate yet, but based on his highlight video's online he definitely has the potential to score a lot of goals and assists at the WHL level.

    There's going to be a lot of competition at camp with the forward group this year, so it's possible that some guys from last year may not make the team this year. Either way, the Pats should have a better and more productive group of forwards this year.

    On defense, the Pats are getting everyone back, except for their two OA graduates (Pouteau and Schioler). However, looking at their defensive core as a whole, they are not very old or experienced.

    Age on defense:

    20 - 0
    19 - Walker
    18 - Evans, Sedov, Feist, Zonneveld
    17 - Mitchell, McGinley

    Walker will be the rock on defense this year. Evans and Sedov are their two "offensive defensemen" and should be able to move the puck and help generate offense, especially on the power play. The rest of the group should be able to hold their own.

    While this is a good group / mix of defensemen, I believe that the Pats are serious about making the playoffs this year, so it will not surprise me if they acquire another veteran defenseman just to get a bit older / more experience on defense.

    In goal, the Pats are in good shape as Max Paddock and Dean McNabb are both entering their 19 year old seasons and have both proven to be capable goaltenders. In fact, both goaltenders have looked outstanding at times.

    I like the fact that the Pats are surrounding their two smaller skilled 17 year old forwards (Dubinsky and Gushchin) with size and veteran leadership at forward. I like the goaltending tandem as well as the group of defensemen, but if the Pats are going to bring in any more competition for camp, it wouldn't hurt to acquire a good veteran defenseman. I mean, what if Kyle Walker gets injured at some point? All that's left are 17 and 18 year old's back there. Not that they can't handle themselves, just sayin'.


    I know the Pats have 4 OA forwards on the roster right now, so it looks like the Pats are all but guaranteed to have 3 OA forwards this year. But camp hasn't started yet and the roster is far from set in stone. After looking at the current roster, is it beyond the realm of possibilities that the Pats end up with 2 OA forwards and 1 OA defenseman at the OA deadline in October? Of course, they could also acquire another 19 year old defenseman and still go with 3 OA forwards. They could also keep their defensive core and perhaps add a 16/17 year old defenseman instead of a 19/20 year old. With John Paddock being open about wanting the team to make the playoffs this year and looking at the roster, I don't think we can rule out the possibility of the Pats adding another veteran defenseman before all is said and done.
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    JULY 25, 2019
    Pats acquire Delorme from Winterhawks for conditional pick

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    Ive noticed camp is creeping up closer, and we stil havnt signed this import pick. Last year, both our picks signed ~2 weeks after the draft, and we are quickly becoming the only team without this done. Swift signed, kootenay-peg signed both, pg signed their’s, kelowna hasnt but its kelowna...theyll be fine.

    There may be an easy explanation for it, but am i the only one who thinks this shouldve been done by now?

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