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Thread: 2019 Off Season Thread

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    I got bored and took a long look into the eastern conference teams this coming season. I know it’s a little early to know how exactly the rosters will look. But I came up with a pre-season standings prediction based off returning players, probable over-angers/euro’s, goalies, ect. This prediction is based off Kirby dach returning to blades. Leason returning to PA. Brandon having Kallionkieli/patera as euro’s (seems most probable at this point as firstov has committed to college). I also didnt put any stock into rookies, because they are a crapshoot until they prove themselves.

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    Great coaching hiring! Looking forward to this season for sure now

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    Yahoo! Great hire by the WK as their coach. This guy has a tremendous amount of experience and adds a lot of credibility to the organization. Can show the kids what it takes to get to the next level.

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    Yup the guy i was hoping for .

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