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Thread: 2019 Off Season Thread

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    Maybe they are getting ready to move it to the dark web?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molsonsman View Post
    Anybody else having problems with this forum? I have apple products and getting VPN app requirements
    Yup, on iPad the same as you. on IBM laptop, works fine

    Game last night, best thing was Lowry on postgame show, no more BS, started with "effort was not where it needed to be, and I told them that"
    And Crowes cheerleading question about Patera being good, Lowry said "we expect that every night"
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    I listened to the after game interview as well. That's exactly what I thought with his directness and calling it as it was. Sad thing is nobody too the reigns in the game to step it up a notch. McCartney is always high energy along with Burzan but nobody else.

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    Who’s getting traded in your guys opinion, Kruger or Ungar?

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    I would think Ungar has to prove himself in a couple (few) regular season games in order for them to move Kruger.

    Would also think they might entertain dealing a veteran defenseman in order to keep two rookies--pretty short list of who they might consider moving.

    Forwards--not sure I can see them keeping three 16-year old forwards.

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    I think Kruger gets traded. If someone wants him.

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    Wheat Kings acquired 17 year old left wing Riley Ginnell from Kamloops for a 6th round pick. 6'3 185 pound rookie.

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    Certainly a big player. Not sure what the thinking is here as the team has too many forwards already even with Burzan away and McCartney and Kallionkelli injured. Not sure why Kamloops would trade away a 17 yr old for a low draft choice in 2021. He may have asked for a trade which would explain this trade. Not much ventured lots to gain here.

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    Could be that the team wanted more size in their 17-year old forward group, as most of the others aren't terribly huge.

    Also might signify that some of the 16's and 17's aren't quite ready for the league this year. could simply be that Ginnell's father, Erin, is a scout for Vegas.
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    Looks like the roster is pretty much set with the reassignment of 3 16 yr olds----Hyland, Dube, and Hammet. So Hagen, Ginnell and Chiasson make the team. Really not sure why Daley and Sekundiak are still around. Makes zero sense as they bring nothing to the team. Both are 19'and 4th liners at best??

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