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Thread: 2019 Off Season Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrushKillDestroy View Post
    No need to sign.

    Drafted and signed by Vegas. Their choice to assign him.
    Still needs to sign standard education contract in the WHL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by booboo View Post
    Still needs to sign standard education contract in the WHL.
    Yep, after he has been assigned.

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    So I've asked my self why Vegas signed a 5th rounder so early? On the norm later round players often sign closer to the deadline for signing unless they are that much of a stand out IMO. Having said that did he do that well at their development camp and/or KM wanting to control where he plays next. He was leaning toward U of Mass, but this signing ends that. He will do what Brannstrom did and try for the AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves. The Wolves have him listed. He will be nice to watch if/when he gets here in mid September.

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    One of the reasons you sign him early is to give him the signing bonus as an incentive to come over. If he stays back home he probably makes less money with whatever contracts they give there. Brannstrom was a 1st rounder but they were not sure he could handle the pro game physically yet but he could. I don't think this guy is ready for the pro game and I would imagine they would like him to have some high end offensive minutes in junior first

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    A Vegas 5th round pick from the year before Paul Cotter went to Western Michigan last year . Played a some games with not much success then left for London Knights and was then signed by Vegas soon after . He did okay at best on London but got rewarded for leaving Western . I think Kelly is doing what ever he can to get back at Div 1 College for taking so many of his players over the years . lol

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    Exactly what I was eluding to boyz. He will obviously take a shot at NHL then AHL. I think this gamble opposed to Brannstrom gamble stands in our favour this time. I just hope he logs a lot of time with the top line as I don't really think Reinhardt can match what Kallionkieli's can provide. Until he shows up, gets used to our new systems we will have to wait to see.

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    New coach being introduced today at 3pm. Any other announcements? Yes, Doug Gasper asst GM and head of scouting. Great hire. Certainly a new feeling around the team this year. Probably not a bad thing. Finnish import has signed a transfer card meaning he is headed to Brandon after the Golden Knights camp. Patera is also coming back as a 2 spotter. Good news as he is a very good goalie. One of other 2 will likely be traded as one is 18 and the other is 17 . Jones is their next impact goalie.
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    Patera will be a rock in net for us and KallionKelli is going to score a lot of goals and give us some much needed size on the top lines

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    With kallionkieli now signed... what do you guys expect the forward lines to look like?

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