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Thread: 2019 Off Season Thread

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    So what are everybody's opinions on what we seen last night?

    I thought other then the ton of shots Winnipeg got the D played pretty good. Forwards didn't give them much help in there own end .

    Concerning that the bulk of the 19 year olds are on the fourth line and were poor when out there . I would rather go through some growing pains and play young guys in those roles. Daley and Sekundiak have very little impact on this team .

    Chiasson looked good with limited ice time.

    Loved Lowerys fire on the bench , He was on the refs all game and did not take a bench minor well doing it . Anning never stuck up for his players.

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    Agree on the 19's that bring ZERO to the party. Also guys like Hooker, Thorpe, and McCallum need to pick it up big time. Thought McCartney did not play well tonight, but he will get better. Wonder if Grieg gets suspended? Certainly did not look like an intentional hit to the head. Looked like the team lost their get up and go when Greig got kicked out. The coach is still looking for chemistry on the lines. Chiasson as a 16 had more talent than Daley and Sekundiak put together. I have not seen many players who skate as well as those two but have no clue what to do with the puck when they get it and no idea where to play. If Harsch of the Ice is going to play as chippy as he did last night let's trade with Saskatoon for McKay and get rid of Gutenberg or Wytinck who as 20's in this league don't cut it. We need some nuts on this team.
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    It is bad when you have a 19 yr old on the fourth line. Should have been done two years ago. The Greig toss did disrupt the lines but those are times when people need to step up their games. Itís not the first and will not be the last.

    Whether we like it or not the hit on Hartje was called properly. It was going to be a great hit until Hartjeís attempt to avoid getting flattened resulted in his head being hit. I fully agree he should have been penalized for the three cross checks to the neck. Thatís worse as their was full intent if not to injure.

    For a 20 year Wytinck was upmost useless out there. Heís played better so letís hope this was a one off. Getting McKay would be great to protect people but he takes even more dumb penalties than we do on our own.

    Did you know that Dach asked for a trade last year because he was getting hit? Hence McKay being put on his line. Lol too funny.

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    Why would he ask for a trade because he was getting hit? I don’t understand that one. Also, wish I could see the video of greigs major. Anyone else notice the Lowry/burzan interviews on the wheatkings website don’t work? No audio.

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    What's going on with their import pick?

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    0 points so far this season from Gutenberg and Reinhardt. Yikes. What happened to “scoring by committee”

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    Quote Originally Posted by denim_dan View Post
    0 points so far this season from Gutenberg and Reinhardt. Yikes. What happened to “scoring by committee”
    Daley, Sekundiak, Reinhardt, and Gutenberg 0 points----well Daley may have 1 . Very poor offensive contributions from 4 older players. Can't get all our scoring from Burzan, McCartney, and Greig. The team played very well tonight against Vancouver and Patera was back to himself and played very well tonight. The first 4 players I mentioned did not play badly tonight but did not contribute anything to the offence. Glad to finally see Gutenberg off the point on the PP---Schneider is a much better option. Wytinck looked hopeless out there-----very disappointing as he is 20 and needs to be much better . Great to see Greig back inthe lineup as this guy I believe is a special talent, but needs to cut down his stick penalties .

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    Gutenberg is invisible out there. I know he will not be traded cause he is the captain. lowry made a mistake giving him the C. Just glad he is off the first powerplay.

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    I thought Sekundiak contributed ok last night, PK, hitting, it's ok to have a guy like him out there if he embraces that role. Reinhardt looked fine to me as well, playing strong, skating well, goals will come for him, he is a 2nd line guy, not first liner, but he's ok. Daley was ok, on the 4th line, but he is the obviously the 19 year old who is at risk, but i guess the mgt team thought neither Hyland or Dube were better than him. I think (hope) Lowry is giving Daley a chance to prove himself, but soon hagan/Ginel will get his spot.
    Our overagers are not great, I have to believe that Gutenberg and Wytinck are super leaders, because their on ice play is middle of the pack on this team. Gutenberg just hasn't progressed since his 17/18 year old seasons. Wytinck has always been a turn over machine, physically weak, he has to learn to shoot the puck on the PP. We just have to work our way through the season and hope these guys, along with lambos, Selame, Hooker improve, and if they don't, next season there will be an influx of younger, better players
    All in all though, last nights game was a much better effort. Very telling that Lowry said on the post game show "Ridley plays a hard game, the way you have to play to get to the next level. We don't have enough guys who play that way. i hope the other guys start playing the way he does". I thought McCartney looked like the second coming of Hawryluk, Burzan and Greig were on it, Schneider looks to be coming out of his funk, Zayat did not look out of place and adds some grit, patera was as good as an OA/import needs to be
    I wish Crowe would find out whats going on with the Finnish import, expected arrival etc
    I have hopes of a wild card or 3rd place in the division, gradual improvement, laying the foundations for the next 3 years. If they put efforts in like last night, I'm happy
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    He said there is no timetable for his return to Brandon so that's not very optimistic . They said he got hurt last season in the USHL . So it had to be a pretty serious injury if he's been out this long. What funk was Schneider in ? I also liked the comment Lowry made in the post game show. I wonder if there will be some moves at some point to get some more grit.

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