Checking in to see if there is anyone out there interested in sim WHL?

I run the SWHL which can be found at Another season is about to pass and another spot has opened for a new GM to run a franchise in the SWHL.

If you're not sure what sim hockey is... think fantasy hockey, only more detailed. GMs run every aspect of their team.

What is required?
* knowledge of the WHL and the players/ league rules
* A PC to download the STHS (simon t hockey simulator) client download (just a warning, Macs have not worked with this program).
* Anywhere from 10-30 minutes per week during the season to create your lines/ice times etc and send in to the simulator.
* Decent communication skills to be able to work with the other 21 GMs in the SWHL through out the season via our Slack league messenger page.

What is NOT required?
* money, because it is 100% free. I have purchased everything already to run the league, so it is free to all GM's.

If this sounds intriguing to you please dont hesistate to email me with any questions.