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Thread: Raiders vs Oil Kings

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    Yeah that is pretty weak. Go out with grace, they've played a great series so far. Teams like PA are supposed to outlast and endure. At the same time though, being fair, PA plays on the edge, so I can understand how a demand for more penalties is not totally out of line.

    PA vs VAN ... gonna be a great final.
    Game 4, even the Oil Kings play by play guys were amazed at all the blatant penalties that the Oil Kings got away with. There could of been at least 6 penalties where Kelly was flattened being no where near the puck, not counting how many punches to the face he received including last night. Oil Kings have absolutely nothing to complain about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothar View Post
    Interesting article in the Edmonton Sun today....Oil Kings coach complaining about not getting more penalty calls against the Raiders. After game 4 this guy has the nerve to complain about officiating? The Sun even complained about the ice surface at the that it was built in 1971 and probably not "regulation size"...what a bunch of Sure hope we destroy those bums on Sunday...
    lol complaining about the ice size regulation. that's a new one. that's a whole new level even. it almost beats all the diving saskatoon did. at any rate, the better team won the eastern conference championship. well deserved and well earned. looking forward to the final.

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