The few people that I have talked to are more disappointed with those not attending Pats camp than anything. As I have said before, I trust that Daniil Gushkin will end up with the team. Although.....not being on the list for camp is a first for Paddock. Ty Smilanic not attending camp is not a surprise at all, I thought he was a pipe dream for this year. So with people worried about those not attending, I decided to look more into the last 3 bantam drafts:

2017- Attending Camp- Cole Dubinskiy, Sam McGinley, Jared Miller
-Not attending Camp- Ty Smilanic (3rd) + 6 other Picks
** With only 3 guys attending camp and 7 guys not attending......this has to be a bust draft.

2018- Attending Camp- Jake Snashall, Dylan Weigel, Colby Wotton, Marcus Taylor, Easton Armstrong, Colby Bear, Jake Johnson**
-Not attending- 2 lower Picks
**Most guys attending camp so that is a positive. I think Johnson will make the team which is great for such a late pick for a 16 year old. I would like to take a long look at Snashall in camp as well. I dont imagine anyone else is in the plans for this year.

2019- Attending Camp- Layton Feist (1st), Zane Rowan (3rd), Mathew Kieper (3rd) + 5 other Picks
- Not attending- Sam Huch (2nd), Braxton Whitehead (3rd) Riley Applegate (7th),
**Huch and Whitehead not attending to keep options open concerns me a bit. I feel like this is more of a trend in recent years across the league.

Interesting Names
-Cole Gordon interests me, I have no idea where he came from. His stats last year in the states have upside. Does anyone know anything more?
-Fennig/Paulhus/Englot/Miller.....all guys with atleast a bit of Jr. A experience. 17 year olds that hopefully can push other guys at camp. If one or two of them break through to make it....bonus.
-Liam Stevens- I actually have a friend that played Jr. A that has some experience with goalie development in Jr A hockey. He told me last year that he thought Liam was a guy that teams should find a way of listing. I didnt know he was with the Pats. When I saw he was coming to camp, my buddy says.....that might not be a move for this year, but he is high on Stevens.