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Thread: Training Camp/Post Season

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    A few tidbits from the morning since I cant go back later today:
    a) Sam McGinley started camp with the vets. He was then moved to the group with the rookies. I really liked him last year in camp, he played a few games. I completely expected that he would make the team this year. In the rookie drills, he stood out over the much younger players. I still expect him to be around for a bit. Perhaps they just wanted him practicing instead of scrimmaging to work on something specific.
    b) Taylor continues to impress me. He wasnt on my radar at all before camp, but has looked good. He is smooth with the puck. The pairing with Walker today in camp was perfect for him.
    c) Sedov-- does anyone know where he is or what the deal is?
    I also really noticed Taylor and thought he stood out significantly. As a tid-bit this guy Taylor won the hardest shot in the Bantam AAA Skills Competition event of his league, during his last year of Bantam with the Burnaby Winter Club. He has good size, skill, and tools. I also though Arik Altman looked good and the goalie Kieper.

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    Through this preseason we are squandering leads by lack of discipline (an issue this team has had for a few years) and discipline’s cousin deviate from the game plan. There are two more preseason games to settle in and play a complete ya minute game
    Not sure why the Pats do not hire a third coach a defensive specialist as this year is looking as a young defence.

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