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    Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've been around these parts close to 6 years to be exact. As I grew older and adult responsibilities became a part of my life I really lost my love for hockey. After starting to go to some games last year and with the hype of the team, I'm definitely getting my interest back. So anyways it's good to be back and super excited for the upcoming season. Hopefully be able to get to as many games as I can this year. I've noticed there hasn't been any activity around the blades forum on here so hopefully this post will spark some of you guys to come back and conversate.

    So as far as this year goes, I think it's going to be a very exciting year for the blades, and it's awesome this franchise is starting to turn around. As much as I wasn't impressed when the Priestner's took over, with what they were doing in the beginning they have seemed to turn it around and are actually doing a very good job. Last playoff season was very exciting and it was nice to see some hype in the city around the team.

    I think this years roster is going to be better than last year with a lot of the younger kids from last year developing big time. Obviously one of the big question marks around the team is whether Kirby Dach is going to be back. In my opinion I don't quite think he is ready for the NHL yet, I think the size is there but the strength is not. One more year of junior would be awesome for him as a player and a person, also getting to play with his little brother would be amazing. Yes I do think Colton Dach will make the team this year. As of right now they need to trim down to 3 20 year olds, even after the trade of Gary Haden. Bringing in Walford was pretty huge as he will be the #1 guy on the back end.

    The team hasn't come out with a training camp roster or anything yet, but I would have to think it will be out in the coming week.

    Here is my opinion on what the roster may look like this year and the players.



    Ryan Hughes(C) - Could be a huge producer this year in his last year, this guy can put the puck in the net.
    Riley Mckay(LW) - Might be the odd man out which I would hate to see as this guy took huge strides last year, can't see them keeping him over Hughes though.


    Chase Wouters(C) - The captain from last year, which I expect again, hopefully a big year coming for this kid.
    Erik Florchuk(C) - Had a better year last year than the year before, I feel like if he takes the right strides he could have a big year.
    Cyle McNabb(RW) - Played well at the end of the year could be a third liner this year, maybe fourth.
    Zach Huber(RW) - Probably 4th line winger this year.
    Randen Schmidt(LW) - 3rd or 4th liner, didn't get to see him play a ton last year, so I don't know.


    Kirby Dach(C) - Obviously a question mark, but if he does play this year, he could dominate the league. Probably a shoe in for MVP of the dub.
    Tristen Robins(C) - Was very impressed with him last year, smaller guy but probably added some weight this off season, he is an absolute work horse.


    Kyle Crnkovic(LW) - Hell of a year for this guy last year, he is very undersized, but works his ass off. We will see what an offseason did for him with maybe a growth spurt. I think he will turn a lot of heads this year and will be on some draft lists.
    Braden Plaschewsky(C) - Thinking this is his year to crack the roster and play full time, could be a 4th liner but the kid can play and does have some potential, and even more if he fills his frame out.


    Colton Dach(C) - Well it's time to see what he can do, let's hope he turns out as good as his brother. He looked very good in the few appearances last year.

    That is 12 guys returning from last year, I'd imagine Mckay will be gone so maybe a trade with him brings in some new younger forwards to round out the roster. As far as newcomers, I don't really know a ton about the prospects so I'm not going to talk about them just yet.



    Scott Walford - I think he is going to be the #1 man this year, he is big and physical and can help out offensively aswell.
    Nolan Kneen - Was very impressed with him last year, I think he will join Walford on the number one unit.


    Libor Zabransky - One of the 2 new imports who has played 107 games in the dub already, I think he could turn out to be very good on the back end.


    Majid Kaddoura - I thought he played decent hockey last year and could maybe end up on the third pairing this year.
    Radek Kucerik - The other new import, don't know much but I could see the 2 countrymen being on the same pair. Maybe 2nd Pair?


    Aidan De La Gorgendiere - Expecting a big year from him, he hasn't really lived up to the hype of being a top pick. We will see how this year goes, could be a big breakout year.
    Alex Ozar - This kid can play, I think this is the year he makes the team.


    Nolan Maier - Obviously going to be the #1 man this year again, can't believe he didn't get drafted.
    Koen MacInnes - Backup this year as they don't keep Ludding as 20 year old.

    Excited for the year let's get some talk going in here guys.

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    Good post, but 19 year olds on the 4th line ?

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    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if McKay sticks and the Blades move Hughes. Yes the Blades can use Hughes scoring but if the Blades make him available, their bound to get good offers for him. McKay had a solid season and from what I've heard was big off the ice.

    I'd like to see younger guys on the 4th line, having average 19's to me hurts developing young guys

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