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Thread: 2019/2020 Regular season

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    Default 2019/2020 Regular season

    So did I read that Kallionkieli is now in Brandon? I donít see him on the players list any longer

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    He wont appear on the regular season season roster till he plays a game

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    He is on the preseason roster, same turd different story? I hope so!

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    What a joke, 3 games for Greig. The WHL is sucking hits out of the league, and they wonder why paying fans are a dying breed
    Oh, and McCartney got a game as well
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Any word on our import forward? Is he actually coming to Brandon or he headed somewhere else? What is his injury status? Team will be missing some top guys this Friday.

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    No there keeping it hush hush . He must be still in Vegas . or so the injury report says that .

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    I take it he’s out for a long time. Probably the entire season, knowing our luck with imports.

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    I get that they are without greig, McCartney and kallionkieli.... but, wow. What a boring team to watch so far. I wonder if anning is still kicking around? s/

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    It looks to me like this team is still trying to play the way Lowry wants them to play so I'll cut them some slack for awhile. As for the game tonight my observations are:1. The effort was there tonight but the result was not. 2. Very disappointed by the game played by the vets on this team. Thought the following were really struggling tonight---Gutenberg for a 20 may be a heart and soul guy, but he brings very little in terms of offence which you certainly need from your 20's or why bother. Daley, Sekundiak, Hooker, Reinhardt,McCallum, Wytinck, and Salame did not look good at all. Unless the aforementioned players start to contribute more this team is not going very far this year. Ritchie needs to get rid of the deadwood and replace them with some players that at least show some potential. Other than maybe Reinhardt there is very very little to get excited about with those players moving forward. I know I am severely critical here but I just do not see any average never mind top end talent in the players I mentioned. Just the way I see it at this time.

    Watched Saturday game in M.J. The WK outplayed the Warriors but gave up 2 late goals in the 3rd period including one with 44 seconds left. Same **** as last year. This team has ZERO secondary scoring. Something will have to be done to improve this situation. Someone also bettter teach the team how to take face offs as they won only 12 of 50. Terrible! Let's hope Greig has had a good rest and is raring to go and maybe our import finally shows up as this team needs both scoring and some added size as the team is getting outmuscled in both games this weekend. We could quite easily be 1-6 after next weekend as we play 3 games in 3 nights against very good teams. Yikes!
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    So I listened to the game last night. Happy with a couple of things. Daley finally playing where he should be, media box.

    You can sure tell that Anning is a mere nightmare. It sounded like the guys played a good game. they still need to stay out of the box.

    We should see a better squad this Friday with Greig Finally able to contribute.

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