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Thread: 2019/2020 Regular season

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    Quote Originally Posted by denim_dan View Post
    I take it you have no idea who Austin Pratt is lol
    Get real!! Pratt is a good player but not an impact player that certainly isn't worth the above mentioned package. I would bet all your money dan , Paddock would jump on that deal in a heartbeat. 4 assets for a 20 yr old!???. Surely you jest.

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    Booboo you need to start reading things more carefully. I was talking to molsonman, hence why I quoted him. What I was trying to say was that would be a bad trade for Brandon. Austin Pratt is probably an upgrade over Gutenberg, but not even close to being worth Gutenberg, Ginnell and a 1st and 3rd. Or whatever that trade idea was. You just don’t pay that much for a 20 swap. You’d might pay that much if you’re trying to acquire an 90-100 point guy like mark kastelic. Not for a 60 point guy.

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    Sorry dan. I need to read more carefully. I wonder which forward the Pats got rid of? Can you trade 20's after the Oct 10 deadline for naming 20's?

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    In actuality it was in jest my comment. But when you think of it look what we gave up for The Dominator. Two different positions and each offer different roles. Is Pratt worthy of a 1st rd pick? Probably not. So let’s make it conditional based on points and playoff rds. Lol

    To be serious although Gut doesn’t really put up big points he usually takes 1/3 of the season before he starts to be effective. He has speed as well which is what this team is composed of

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    Yeah I do think Gutenberg is better than his statistics show for this season. It will help once him and Reinhardt start scoring more. Reinhardt must have hit about 10 posts so far this season so it’s only a matter of time. It seems like every season Brandon goes out and gets a big veteran defensemen. Wheaton, orlov, chizen and now Schmiemann. I think this trade benefits Brandon especially come playoff time.

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    I see Patera is out of the lineup for the next two weeks. Unger has been called up.Now is the time for Kruger and Unger to show what they have. A long glimpse into what the goaltending will look like next year. No Patera for the US roadtrip.q

    WK lose tonight to Saskatoon 2-1 on a short handed goal. Lack of scoring and a very poor PP led to their latest defeat. Now we go on a long road trip into the US and games against Leth and SC on the way home. Looks like a daunting task as the team has not been very successful on their west trip in recent years. Could set up the team for a decent season or else bring on some personnel changes with a big losing streak.
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    WK lost 3-2 in Everett tonight which does not sound too bad , however they were leading 2-0 after 2 periods, but gave up 2 goals in the first minute in a half of the 3rd period on overlapping minor penalties and gave up another shortly after. That was all she wrote as the team did not play well in the 3rd period. PP is still a thorn in the team's side as they cannot seem to get one to drop. Overall good effort, but you don't get any points for effort. Some bad penalties did not help, but the team should have won this one being up 2-0'after two periods. Still need some guys who can finish as they have a tough time scoring goals and this is going to haunt this year's team.

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    I listened to the game and thought the first two they did well, although being outshot. Kruger made some pretty good saves, but the Penalties hurt them. By the time they started to regroup in the third it was too late. Burzan almost tied it up in the dying seconds. Good start as Everett is tough. Fonstad was a part of each of the 3 goals.

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