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    A handful of games into the season and boys look like a solid squad. Great to have Hayes back but hard to see Martin leave. Bilous has had a great start to the season and hopefully he continues to look athletic and battle for sight lines. He seems to be tracking the play and puck good in the early going. Defence looks solid as well with Guhle emerging as a star in the making. Iíve been impressed with Kosior and Allan so far in the games Iíve been able to attend. Up front, the addition of Watts has proven to be a good move. Someone needs to step up to displace Moe as he needs to be in a checking role as opposed to trying to contribute offensively. Ozzy and Protas look like theyíve clearly emerged as the major offensive threats for this team this year. Fonstad has the talent but his passive play and unwillingness to put his shoulder down, drive the net, and shoot the puck probably cost him 10-15 pts I would think. All in all a solid start but lots of time and lots of room to improve.

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    I pretty much agree with your entire post. I would guess Martin was moved because he brought a greater return than Mesalla would have. But early in the season the team has looked pretty decent, if it was up to me I would have done it differently.
    As a 19 year old Moe needs to start producing, or be dropped down to the 4th line. I can't question his effort level but he needs to contribute to the scoreboard.
    Fonny has so much skill, he absolutely needs to get a bit more aggresive, and take more shots rather than making fancy plays.

    There's no question PA was the better team last night, the Raiders played in the opposition end what seemed like 80% of the game. With an effort like that tonight against the Pats they should be able to take 2 points.

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    Well I can honestly say I didn’t see the Fonstad trade coming with how the line has performed the last few games. Does Hunt have something else in the works to replace his production???

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    That one is a mystery. Lots of rumors he wanted to be moved. Too bad, he was a key offensive player, despite his lack of physicality. I would have guessed he would have been a top 20 in the league next year. (might still be). Pretty sure he's still not signed by the Habs.

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    Where is the news on Clarke?

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    That's a good question. Seems to me usually there is some kind of statement from the team when they re-assign players.

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