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Thread: 2019-2020 - November& DEcember Games - Drown your sorrows over the season here!

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    I am not a fan of JP and I stand staunchly behind my reasonings. I don't dislike him personally I'm simply not a fan. Since I am not in JP's head I'm not going to parse or try to justify each and every trade he has made. I don't know and neither does anyone else for that matter what he was thinking. I know where we were at when he took over and what we had for assets, and how well stocked we were. I know where we are at now and what we have for assets. I also know what the past 6 years have produced in the way of tangible results and what the picture looks like for the nest 2-3 years. Many of those trades are hurting us today and will hurt us for years. Long after JP is no longer here! For every good trade there is a bad one but it's much more than trades. There is the issue of ineffective recruiting, drafting, overpayments/returns, draining/depleting resources, discipline, succession planning, staffing, coaching and more. If someone likes JP and thinks he has done great things here, then have at it. It's simply a point of view based on whatever criteria they choose. I'm a results oriented person whereas some may not be. People can like his body of work but I am not one of them. For their 8 year tenure (if they make it) they are poised to be 1-7 when it come to producing good teams. Like I said I'm results oriented.

    When I hear that JP has led us to prominence the hair on my neck stands up, and I call horse manure!! While I was never a fan of Parker, it was he and Chad Lang that put together most of the talent JP had at his disposal. The year before JP took over (2013) we had won 1st place in the east and the included Pennant (most people can't remember back that far). We were poised on becoming a contender. He took over, deconstructed that team and it took three more seasons before we won another pennant. Then in 2018 he had assembled a team for the Memorial Cup that was sub .500 at the break and he had to empty the cupboards to keep from embarrassing everyone at the Tournament. That pre Jan 10 club of 2017-18 was simply awful but it was his design. Post memorial Cup we are already into the 2nd year of what is likely to be a 4-5 year sentence.

    When anybody looks at the facts as opposed to following blindly the false narrative, it's clear to see that we have had only one (1) quality team in the last 6 years. That in no way can be construed as a return to excellence, prominence, or even relevance?? The raw truth is we are still mediocre with mediocre talent. By the time were are done with living in the out-house, this tenure will be graciously described as "extreme mediocrity". Even after they start to come out of the funk, it will take a couple more years before they become contenders again. There are some who unfortunately have never lived through sustained success (it's all over the league but not here), and they have absolutely zero understanding of what that means. Sadly there is a whole group of fans who think one good season every now and then is what success looks like. The rest of the time the spin doctors, apologists, and fake new fill in the blanks with unadulterated bull crap. If JP and Struch survive two contracts (8 years) they will have no doubt built one good team in eight seasons. That's probably worse than what Parker and crew actually did. A glitzy scoreboard and few other things in no way impacts the on-ice product.

    Great teams and Organizations are measured by success and championships. I have been a seasons ticket holder, supporter, and benefactor for over three decades. I have seen good, bad and mediocre management. Sadly this management team is looking like so many others before them that I have seen. When all else fails look at the numbers…..

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    I remember 2013. We did have a pennant year...that ultimately resulted in a big upset sweep by a team that got pounded the next round in similar fashion. Macaulay completely and absolutely shat his pants and wouldnt even be able to stop that stupid flying blimp from flying through the net in that first round. I don't agree that 2013 team was poised to be a contender, personally. Wagner and Brooks likely wouldn't have blossomed the next year if they remained under Cameron/Dixon (I even remember many on here were ready to see Brooks released outright). Those two were big parts of that cycle culmination. The Henry trade also likely wouldn't have happened, or Leedahl and others.

    Although you're a results guy, you should know junior hockey works in cycles(unless youre portland, kelowna, london, kitchener, etc, who get their talent under sketchy circumstances. I dont want that anyways, the results are tainted). You know that you can't win the cup every year in a developmental league. You just can't. Nor can you expect to be a 3rd round+ team each year. By knowing that, its fair to instead judge teams by their 3 or 4 year cycles. You start small, grow your expectations by the year and at the end of the cycle(or when the time is right) you go all in for a championship run. Most teams peak in their cycle at round 2 or so, due to the level of competition(other teams doing it better) or a few issues with some development. This isn't good enough but it's largely the norm. Conversely some other franchises flourish early and have solid teams for years. It takes a combination of the right coaches, right veterans and also luck to do this...But more on that later.

    Id say the last cycle is centered around Sam Steel. He was the core to build around. Even though the new staff piggy backed a bit off the previous mediocre team, for the most part the core was new. And alot happened in between from padakin to Sanford to mahura etc.

    I honestly think paddocks first one was a great cycle, especially the first three years. One ok 2nd round appearance, and one great 2nd, and the one finals. and yes, though its easy to say in retrospect, we would've won it all in 2017(pending a healthy Jake and brooks) if we went all in 2017 instead of saving some for the nect year. But let's not pretend paddock went rogue on us and tried to have both 2017 and 2018; we all wanted it. Memorial cup pressure from the owners and fans played a role. It didn't end up working out but either way you slice it, that cycle and the players involved had the makings of an actual championship team. And I don't see it being despite paddock, or him just Mr.magooing his way into it.

    To be fair, post-steel, we havnt really built around anything yet. This high pick is still 2 years away from joining. But this cycle now is what it is. A memorial cup rebuild and a half. Last years result was expected, and though this year has been stinky so far, i can see we have improved. The results will hopefully reflect that.

    But you know, we can agree to disagree on paddock. Whats past is past, and time will tell on this rebuild, but I think I have good reasons to be optimistic. This high draft pick should be the ticket out of the whl depths, but for now the upcoming deadline may help salvage this purgatory we have now. Maybe we give this Chorney kid someone to play with, and make it interesting.

    EdIt: I also want you to remember how deep that division we were in was. Swift was tough, moose jaw was tough. The two top reg season records. Brandon was also behind us as the 7th best team in the league. If we lost a couple games at the end of the reg season, we would've faced a weak medicine hat in the first round instead. Things would've been very different. But of course, everything sort of went the worst case scenario...though we did give the eventual league champs the toughest series they had that post season, without Gabrielle as well. Unfortunately all people will remember is that we didn't win.
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    I do want to add something semi unrelated but necessary.

    I think its a huge problem that the West conference only has two teams miss playoffs each year(PG dutifully fills one of those positions each year to benefit all the others), and the east conf has four teams miss post season qualification. Nowhere else in the CHL do four teams in a conference miss playoffs. The OHL has two miss in each conf, and the Q has 2 miss playoffs in their ENTIRE LEAGUE.

    Playoffs are a massive part of a players development. NHL camps, on + off ice time with quality veterans, call ups, and the right coach are difference makers, but playoff hockey is the NUMBER ONE developer of players period. And each year 4 teams in this stupid conference miss the post season. In the current format, teams and players will stagnate if only the top 2/3rds of a conference "earn" playoff time. Even if its just getting whooped by the top seed for four games, it gives these kids, *especially early in their careers, a sense of what the playoff atmosphere feel is like. They can experience the higher pressure and higher level of play, and prepare for it in the future. They learn the feel of the next level, and can put a face on the goal they strive to reach.

    If these souless corporate suits cared at all about player development and being competitive with the rival countries who are passing Canada, they would've corrected this problem a long time ago. This is a DEVELOPMENTAL league, and playoff hockey is absolutely necessary to develop players properly.

    Give us a wild card game, reformat the conferences, or even have EVERYBODY qualify for playoffs. I dont care. They need to do something new because right now this is one of the big drivers towards the decline of Canadian hockey.

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    Default Pats should try different systems!

    Agreeing to disagree is both necessary and healthy. I can respect that because it allows for healthy exchange of ideas and keeps people vigilant and knowledgeable about what's really going on.

    Because the WHL is a developmental league we have to give kids the best chance to succeed. That doesn't happen when they continually play on poor teams. Poor organizations are not scouted as heavily as good ones. Kids are neither seen as much nor are they seen in the best light when they are scouted. We've had nobody taken in the NHL Draft the last couple years and barring a miracle, the next couple drafts don't look too promising either. Unfortunately this is a symptom of what I perceive as a larger issue. Going 3-5 years without having a kid drafted is a real downer for the organization and it's supporters. Let's hope that changes soon. Kids will only want to come to a team that's doing well, especially top end talent.

    The issue of playoffs raised it's head and even the NHL is looking at this again. I completely agree that something must change in the WHL and we should only reward success. In 2017-18 Saskatoon had a .514 winning% with 74 points. They were ahead of both Red Deer who had a .465% and Lethbridge who had a .500%, yet Saskatoon missed the playoffs.. It was grossly unfair and cost Dean Brockman his job. Something should be done to see that teams with the best regular season records make the playoffs. The chance to win and develop is great. The 2 or three home gates helps keep these teams in a healthy financial place. I also have a problem with only 2 teams being out in the Western Conference and 4 teams being out in the Eastern Conference. It should be balanced. One way might be move Lethbridge into the Western Conference. After all Swift Current had to move into the Central this year! Then it would balance the case to having three teams in each conference fail to make playoffs. The conferences should give the top two spots in each division the nod. All, remaining teams would be ranked by total points in the regular season. If that had been the case Saskatoon would have made the playoffs in 2017-18. I'm sure there are other good suggestions out there that would be interesting to hear.

    For this season if the Pats hope to win even 10-12 games they need to change their systems immediately. They can't give up 88 shots over two games and be outscored 8-2 in those two games. Max is holding them in and giving them a chance but that's about all there is. Maybe they should go and watch Everett to see how they play. They are tough team defence first and then score off turnovers and PP's. They are also in 1st place in the tough USA Division. With the type and calibre of players the Pats have they need to change their game to a strong defensive game. I don't know if Struch knows how to play that way or implement that style. You can't play run and gun….possession hockey with the calibre of talent they currently have. They need to adapt but it seems they are unwilling to try. IMO Paddock needs to consider making a move by changing to a coach who can coach the type of players we may have to utilize for the next few years. We have to install a system that gives them a chance of success. When we eventually get some elite talents here, that can be changed to best utilize their talents. Right now it seems we are trying to play the same way as when we had some elite talent here. Round peg in square hole right now!
    It just won't work.

    A bit of an interesting note I see that Joona Kivinemi has apparently left or been released by the Vancouver Giants. They have added a kid by the name of Kvasnica. Portland drafted him and he played in Portland last year having 20 points I believe. Kivinemi had 16 goals last season in Swift Current and was pegged to have a great season this year. I guess you never know about Imports.

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    The Pats have finally dug themselves out of the WHL cellar. With the win over Red Deer the Pats are in 3rd to last plsce in the league beating out the Broncos and Cougars. Keep on climbing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsquared View Post
    The Pats have finally dug themselves out of the WHL cellar. With the win over Red Deer the Pats are in 3rd to last plsce in the league beating out the Broncos and Cougars. Keep on climbing....
    It's great to see them ahead of the Bronco's and Cougars in the standings. However, the Pats need to be sellers at the deadline, so it'll be interesting to see if they can stay ahead of those two teams for the rest of the season, while at the same time, being sellers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reider View Post
    It's great to see them ahead of the Bronco's and Cougars in the standings. However, the Pats need to be sellers at the deadline, so it'll be interesting to see if they can stay ahead of those two teams for the rest of the season, while at the same time, being sellers.
    Of course the Pats are sellers, but do they really have much to sell? Lets start with the 20 year olds, I really think that the only guy that might go is Pratt. I also think there is a possibility that none of them go. 20 year olds just dont bring much in return unless they are elite. Moving on to the 19 year old group, Paddock, Buskey, Walker, Daley, Krane, Denomie, and Kolle.
    -Denomie will finish his career as a Pat.
    - Krane and Daley.....I dont see them fetching much of anything on the market.
    - much as I am a Walker fan. I just dont think he fetches much either. We also learned this year that we need an older defenceman or two around. Just like the 20 year old dmen last year....if they dont get much, may as well keep them.
    -Kolle...... I definitely see him getting traded, but the return won't be much. I think he can help a deeper team once he is slotted correctly on a third line.
    -Paddock....the Pats biggest trade chip. However his inconsistency might have us feeling different about the return. He was spectacular for most of the last two nights.....but the second goal last night was soft as well.

    Basically the Pats won't be that much worse off after trading a couple of guys, except Paddock. He has kept them in some games recently that they have no part in being close in. Interesting that the "Fire Struch" people have taken a I keep saying, talent wins more games than coaching does.

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    At this point this team needs one or two quality young roster players to join today’s team.

    We have a good amount of 05 picks, including the big swift 1st round pick, we have a couple nice 04 players in the wings, and we have two average to decent 03 roster players. Hopefully JP can fetch some quality 02s. Maybe the odd 01. If the pats net even just one top 6 ‘02 center, id be fine with this deadline

    Pratt has some value for sure. Should be moved 100 percent. Likely a 2nd and prospect. Paddock has mem cup experience and some success up there, and therefore should be on kelownas radar. Hopefully a 1st plus. Otherwise keep him. Kolle has made some strides this year, but id prefer to keep him if the returns dont look high enough. Is be content with pratt value, but nothing wrong with keeping. I maintain that Krane has more value than we think. He plays with jam and would have better numbers on a good teams mid 6. Hard to say his worth but i think a smart rental pickup for a contending team.

    Next year we will have well touted euro, who will actually report, to go with chorney, dubinsky, denomie, and nijhoff. Either kolle or daley will round off the group with, hopefully, one of the players we get this deadline.

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    I'm sure the Pats both want and need to be sellers, if they can find a suitable partner. A couple players have talked about climbing the ladder and perhaps even making a run at a playoff spot. That's a tall order for the this team. You can't take too much out of a few wins over some bottom feeders. In order to climb they would need to add to this team and that's simply out of the question. Anything we have that we could trade we need to extract draft picks for the 2020 Bantam Draft. We are missing a great deal on the 2020 Draft board. With the new trading rules it's next to impossible to get good young roster players, unless they are ask for a move. Unsigned talents also pose s a big question mark. Both scenarios are to be looked at hard.

    Pratt and Max are the Pats best two marketable players and will very likely be moved. After that there isn't much with the exception of maybe Wytinck, Kolle and Krane. Desnomie is no doubt staying, and Dailey has little if any any value. It will boil down to return for assets.
    Next season Paddock, Krane, Walker, Dailey, Kolle, and Desnomie would be their OA's. That's three too many so if there is a suitable market, they might be more valuable for the upcoming deadline than trying to move over the off-season. Even what's left over for next season cannot be construed a great talent. A couple of them might score 20 goals but for the most part they are are just spare parts mainly. Kolle may be the only 1st line calibre talent provided he isn't moved.
    It's a bit too presumptuous to try figuring out who might be their OA's until after the upcoming Jan 10th deadline.
    If we trade with a team(s) they will likely want to find a spot for their 19 year old, and any OA they are upgrading. We will likely acquire a couple players via that route.
    Since Massier is done for the season the Pats are probably going to look at bringing up another forward anyway. Wotton is the only player they have in Midget who is scoring at a point per game pace, and he might be worth a look.

    It too early to even attempt to put a projection on next season. It will probably be very close to the same as this one. With what will be leaving and what left over, it's far from awe inspiring. Anything we likely get back at the deadline will be fill ins, and nothing close to elite. A blown call on Guschin who will not be reporting here. They will try again to see if they can get an Import who will sign and show up. It will help but still far from even close enough. No super 16's coming from Midget AAA. Huck is good but not Kyren Gronick good. Huck as a 15yr old who has 15 pts in 18 games. Gronick 15 yr old has 32 pts (double) in 23 games (8th in league scoring). Gronick was rated as a 1st rounder that PG took early 2nd. Feist was a 5'10" d-man (mid round rated) player we took in the 1st. Huck was a late round rated player we took in the 2nd. Makes you wonder. We needed a star offensive guy and had him in our backyard. Very surprising. A lot of people as still shaking their heads over the Pats 2019 Draft. There likley won't be any superstar forwards on the horizon until about two years after next draft. That's provided the Pats pick a top rated forward in the 2020 draft and don't go way off the map again.

    This is still a disappointing season, even more so than last. If you have the talent you can get away without great coaching. If you don't have the talent you need great coaching. Even this year a number of teams are underachieving even with good players. In their inaugural year the Everett Silvertips had nothings but cast-offs and spare parts. Constantine won the Western Conference and took them to the WHL final. That's what good coaching will do. The blueprint Gary Davidson has put in place has made them one of the most if not the most successful franchises in the WHL. We really should pay attention to what the winners do!
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    I've been saying for years that this is the year to trade Max Paddock, if the Pats are ever going to trade him. He's 19 years old and the WHL (Kelowna) is hosting the Memorial Cup this year. It will hurt the Pats if Max gets traded, so the return would have to be worth it. If the Pats don't receive any solid offers for him, then they could always bring him back as an OA next year. Ty Kolle is another no brainer for me. He's 19 years old and is tied with Robbie Holmes and Austin Pratt for the team lead in goals at 11. There should be a contending team out there looking to add depth and Kolle would provide that without him taking up an OA spot. There might be interest from other teams in one or all of our OA's. Nobody has mentioned Robbie Holmes as a possible trade candidate so I will. I'm not sure that any teams are interested in him, but I wouldn't necessarily rule it out either. He is tied for the team lead in goals this year at 11, he has a ton of playoff experience and he played well in the playoffs last year for Everett.

    The Pats do not have a lot of talent to trade away this year, but they don't need a lot to trade away this year. They just need to be able to trade a couple / few players away in order to strengthen their 2020 draft class.

    Speaking of drafts, I'm too crazy about the Pats picking Layton Feist with their first pick, when a) they needed a high end goal scorer and b) they could have picked Feist or another good defenseman with a later pick. Secondly, I"m not a fan of the Pats using early picks on American players who will never show up. The Pats could have done better at the 2019 bantam draft. The import situation and draft was a bust as well. The Pat traded away Sergei Alkhimov, then drafted Daniil Gushchin and ended up with neither. Gushchin refuses to report and the Pats are playing the season with only one import. If the Pats are able to draft and get a high end import to report next year, it will help the team, but the team is so depleted of high end talent that it's not going to magically turn them into a contending team.

    The best way to gain ground on other teams is to nail the bantam drafts and recruit the talent. The Pats need to acquire more 2020 draft picks at this years deadline, then nail both bantam drafts next summer. That's how they're going to get themselves out of this mess. If they keep blowing these drafts and are unable to recruit high end talent, it's going to take a long time to get this team out of the gutter. It will take even longer before they are anywhere near contending for a Championship.

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